Web Pages
Balance Your Nutrition
Bioanalysis for better nutrition including hair mineral and cholesterol analysis. Also has health news concerning essential nutrients.
Child Care Nutrition Resource System
Includes news, resources, menus and recipes for day care providers participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
The Diet Detective
Contains several nutrition related links including information about diabetes, cardiac, sports nutrition, recipes, and diet supplementation.
FDA Supplement Guide
Provides information concerning FDA dietary supplements and labeling regulations.
Eat Well Live Well
Food, nutrition, and health resources for health professionals. Site contains interactive forums, databases, and surveys.
Energy Ent- Nutrition Industry Experts
Offers recipe analysis, consulting, cooking workshops, products, and nutrition education for the food and nutrition consumer.
Stresses promotion of healthy eating habits, many related articles.
Nutrition and Food on the Web
Gateway to food science and scientific nutrition for the general public and for health, food, and education professionals.
Apple Promotions
Serving nutrition and health professionals. Provides handouts for use in patient education, nutrition therapy, and seminars.
Personal Health Information Site
Links to many pages of information and articles concerning various personal health facts.
Nutritional Therapy
Information on the treatment of ailments, illnesses, and medical disorders using diet and supplements to encourage the body's own natural defense mechanisms.
Meals and Carbs Home Page
Provides nutrition tips and resources for healthy eating. Offers CD-ROM program to calculate daily nutrient needs by the individual.
Kellogg's Al Arabi
Articles on health, fitness, diet, and nutrition. Also has games, quizzes, and forums for kids with tools and lesson plans for teachers.
Nutrition shareware with downloads for estimating ideal weight, caloric requirements, and monitoring daily food intake.
Hardin MD: Nutrition
Provides extensive links of Internet sources in nutrition, food, and consumer diets.
Metabolism and The Factors That Affect It
Information on metabolism, nutrition, general health, and provides chart of daily needed vitamins and minerals according to RDA guidelines.
Nutrition and Protective Foods
Dr. Clive Barnett discusses how certain foods improve health. Access to nutrition news archives and healthy recipes.
Nutrition Focus
Nutrition library with extensive information on topics such as vitamins, integrative medicine, minerals, diseases and conditions, life cycles, and gender health.
Healthy and Fit
Discusses issues concerning health and wellness, fitness, weight loss, and herbal therapy. Has newsletter and online E-zine.
Articles regarding weight loss, blood sugar control, strength, sports, anti-aging, and use of herbal supplements.
Nutritiously Gourmet
Recipes, cooking term glossary, food and nutrition pyramid calculations, and nutrition newsletter.
State of Balance
Information on health, sports nutrition, and alternative therapy.
Phoenix Food - Food For Health
Promotes healthy eating habits and includes tips on better nutrition. Monthly articles on foods and nutrition content also given.
U.S. federal guide offering access to all government web sites with reliable and accurate information on nutrition and dietary guidance.
Online database of food label nutrition facts from the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
The Diet Channel
Nutritional articles, diet analysis and body mass index measuring tools, preventative and sports nutrition, numerous links.
The pH Balance Evaluation
An alternative online self-help health, deficiencies and diet test to determine the foods and supplements that would best balance one's body chemistry.
Cellular Nutrition
Includes scientific data related to intracelluar chemistry such as nutrition disorders, diets and MLM, and mineral ratios.
Healthy Eating for a Lifetime
Nutrition and healthy eating information, including Recipe of the Week.
Diets and Nutritional Analysis
Analyzes food intake and calculates percentage calories and body mass index to determine if person is meeting nutrition requirements. Plans healthy meals and special diets.
Alternative health, wellness, and nutrition information provided by Dr. Earl Mindell.
Arbor Nutrition Guide
Guide to nutrition resources on the Internet including food science, clinical nutrition, ancient diets, and functional foods.
Nutrition Onestop
Information on the dietetic profession and finding careers in nutrition. Includes career center and referral network for dietitians.
Food Safety Research Information Office
Has online database of food safety research projects funded by government and new food products being tested for approval.
Oz Garcia- The Balance
Interview with nutritionist Oz Garcia on topics of health, eating habits, nutrition, and supplement use.
Lists and reviews books, software, online resources, and popular diet programs.
Amino Acids
Descriptions and photos of essential acids.
Third Line Press Inc.
Publications that summarize current knowledge concerning the prevention and treatment of common illnesses with diet and natural medicines. Nutritional Profile
Personalized nutritional profile provides detailed information on your calorie intake and nutritional requirements.
Dr. Rath Research
Database with nutritional therapies and recommendations for common diseases. Includes books (pdf format) and clinical studies for nutrients.
Web Dietitian
Has tools for calculating fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake online with nutrition products, guidelines, and news.
Healthy Choice
Healthy lifestyle information: Cooking tips and meal plans, plus fitness and exercise tips, and health news.
Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss Management
Nutrition guide, weight loss tools and diet analysis for healthy individuals as well as those with diabetes and hypertension.
Nutrition Links
Links to over two hundred nutrition and medical sites, from the West Virginia Dietetic Association.
Nutrition Navigator
Experts at Tufts University review and rank nutrition websites. Search by keyword or browse by audience or topic category.
Nutrition News
Nutrition news, articles, healthy recipes and special diets from the Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center.
Comprehensive information for consumers about issues affecting the quality of dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and botanical or herbal products.
Peak Performance - Nutrition and Exercise
Variety of sports nutrition and education materials for research and education. Has articles relating to nutrients in foods, calorie needs, and question forum for Registered Dietitians.
Body Composition Laboratory
Material resource for measuring body composition (lean, fat, bone) for health and nutrition using medical physics techniques.
Features a free online food diary and calorie counter designed to help track calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein for each meal.
Your source for healthier living, vitamins and minerals, and slowing the aging process.
Garden and Hearth Portion control
Discusses the correct serving size for portion control according to the usda
InteliHealth: Guide to Nutrition and Weight Management
Basics of good nutrition from Walter C. Willett of Harvard Medical School. Also includes interactive meals, recipes, and news.
Oxygen - Nutrition and Diet
News and information, dietitian advice, vitamin guide and low-fat recipes.
UpbeatDietetics - Diabetic Menus/Recipes
Features 21-day menu planner, recipe book for diabetics. This menu planner provides a path to healthy eating habits for everyone.
Nutrition Matters
Resource for advice on nutrition and health treatments by healthcare practitioners.
A Gym Addict Site
Information on basic nutrients and the digestion process.
Stop Labeling Lies
Provides information and examples of false and misleading information on food labels.
National Dairy Council Home Page
Offers information for both professional and consumers on the benefits of various dairy products.
University of Illinois Extension Programs - Nutrition and Health
News on gardening, health, nutrition, thrifty living, storm survival, and safe holiday food ideas.
Health through Nutrition
Offers diet analyses for over 100 nutrients with specific, personalized recommendations for making changes to achieve optimum health.
Nutrition Wizard
Creates personalized diets and nutritional programs to support weight training or exercise routine. Includes a nutritional data base of over 6000 foods.
Offers a food planner based on dietary exchanges, information on vestibular disorders, and a message board community.
Information about nutrition, diet, and eating disorders. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Southwest Wellness Center
An information clearinghouse on wellness issues. Offers dietary and nutritional programs.
Nutritional Supplement Guide
View charts and element-specific profiles illustrating use benefits, contra-indications, and adult dosages for calcium, iodine, niacin, and zinc.
An educational site on nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental factors which influence women's, children's, and men's health and wellbeing. Includes references to current scientific research in biochemistry.
New Nutrition Conversation
Guide for health professionals to communicate effectively with consumers. Features nutrition articles, consumer research, an interactive presentation, and examples of consumer-tested messages.
GHF Free Diet Plans
Online weight loss book offers a safe alternative to low carbohydrate diet plans, promoting long-term weight loss and better diet fitness. Free diet plans, fat and calorie counter, meal planners.
Nutrition for a Living Planet
Guide to food, nutrition, diet and health. Includes naturopathic remedies, as well as a vegetarian and vegan FAQ.
Optimum Health with Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Supplements
Discusses the pros and cons of popular nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, and dietary supplements. Benefits, precautions, and tips on buying products.
Nutrition and Food Safety
Discusses cooking tips, healthy recipes, and food safety. Includes free newsletter subscription. By the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County.
Nutrition Explorations
Offers nutrition information for teachers and school foodservice professionals and families.
British Meat Education Service
Teaching materials, links to information on courses, and learning activities, including quizzes.
Supplement Watch
Educates by providing information about the pros and cons of dietary supplementation.

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