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Donna's Meniere's Disease Page
A personal story of one woman's journey through the illness of Meniere's Disease. This site also offers links to other useful sites, including disability issues.
Meniere's Disease
Waldo Jaquith's information site on treating this disease through magnesium supplements.
The "inner" Voice of Meniere's
Home page with information and links for people with Meniere's disease and other inner ear disorders. Discussion group.
Meniere's Survival Guide
Verified medical information and suggestions for financial assistance for patients.
Meniere's Disease
Personal suggestions may help cure Meniere's Disease symptoms.
My Experience With Meniere's Disease
The story of one man's six month struggle with this disease. Information and tips.
My Experience with Meniere's
Tells about one patient's experience in which Meniere's symptoms disappeared and hearing returned to normal after taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol.
Meniere's Disease
By Mark J. Levenson MD. A description of this disease and its symptoms, diagnosis, different tests and what they show, treatment and life style changes. These are a few of the things covered in this article.
Meniere's, My Story
My personal story of how Meniere's disease has affected me, how long it took for a diagnoses and how I cope with it. Links to other sites with information on this disease.
Vitamin A in Treating Meniere's Disease and Tinnitus
A look at a report found from 1953 about this topic. Full text or summary available to read.
Meniere's Syndrome
An explanation of this syndrome and the symptoms, diagnosing and treatments.
The Meniere's Page
Washington University School of Medicine has developed this informative site which provides valuable information on the subject of Meniere's Disease.
Approaching Meniere's Disease Positively
Provides research, information and support. David's story, data about the disorder and what helped, what was tried, links, reports, articles, a chat room and contact information.
Information about Meniere's Disease and related disorders.
Information and support for those who have Meniere's Disease and those who love them. Includes message boards, chat rooms, journal entries, personal stories, and poetry.
Club Spin
Offers support for those with Vestibular Disorders like Menieres Disease, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Hydrops, Perilymph Fistula and others that cause vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, and loss of balance.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Describes in detail how TCM practitioners in China solve meniere's disease with traditional strategies and herbs.
Meniere's Disease Support Club
Support group at Yahoo for those suffering from this disease, an inner ear disorder, marked by tinnitus,hearing loss, ear fullness and vertigo. Registration required.
Ménière's Society (UK)
Provides information on understanding, treating and living with Ménière's disease. Includes download of Dr. Lucy Yardley's book 'Vertigo and Dizziness'.
Meniere's Disease
Robin, a Meniere's disease patient, asks other sufferers to browse his guestbook and record their own experiences with the condition.
Meniere's Disease Foundation
Patient's site about this condition and about nutritional supplements and other treatments that he and other sufferers have used to alleviate symptoms.
Meniere's Disease
Information for those who wish to learn more about this disease. Includes special reports, find a doctor, support, research and patient pages.
Menieres Disease
Home page describing the disease and living with it. Links to other personal pages.
Meniere's Disease Archive Forum - MDAF
Discussion board and chatroom with resources for sufferers and their friends and families. Share personal experiences, low salt recipes, and other advice.

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