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Biosecurity in the Sheep Flock
Questions help determine the risk of disease entering your flock.
Moving Sheep from Pastoral to Agricultural Areas
Health factors to consider when moving sheep are described.
NAHMS Sheep Reports
A collection of written reports on the Sheep '95 study conducted by NAHMS.
Northern Upland Sheep Stratergy
NUSS is helping improve the financial viability of hill sheep producers and farms through research and education.
Sheep Health & Veterinary Resource Information
The principal aim of is to make veterinary resources available to clients in a way which is compatible with them using veterinary services and which will enable them to make best use of those services.
A Sick Sheep is not Always a Dead Sheep
"A sick sheep is a dead sheep" is a frequently heard statement. To a certain extent, there is some truth to this, but not for reasons commonly believed.
The Use of Vaccines in Sheep
Provides information on what a vaccine is, what vaccines to use for sheep, how to store vaccines, and when and how to administer vaccines to sheep. For sheep producers and veterinarians.
Vaccinations in Sheep Flocks
Vaccinations are part of a health management program that yields a high return per dollar invested. Considerations and preventive vaccines.
Maryland Small Ruminant Reproduction Page
A site that links you to all the reproductive knowledge of sheep and goats you can imagine. This site is wonderfully relevant and keeps up with all cutting edge technology, as well as the basics.aspx and PDF format
Reproductive Herd Health
Springwood Livestock Management Services specializes in herd health, preventative medicine, reproductive problem solving, ultrasounding, synchronization and artificial insemination programs.
Reproductive Problems in Rams
How to prevent and diagnose reproductive problems of rams in your flock.
Sheep Pregnancy Checking By Ultrasonic Sound
Ultrasonic sound waves of about 2 million cycles per second can pass through living tissue. Used to determine sheep pregnancy, these sound waves are painless and have no harmful after-effects to the ewe or fetus.
Buying Healthy Sheep at Saleyards
Methods are given for examining sheep for footrot, foot abscess, lice, scabby mouth, fleece rot, lumpy wool, pink eye, cancer and cheesy gland.
Sheep Disease
Causes, treatments and prevention strategies for some of the diseases commonly found in CNY flocks.
Sheep Diseases
Brief comments help diagnose, treat and prevent some of the more prevalent health problems of sheep.
Sheep Diseases
Review of common diseases found in sheep (PDF).

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