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The British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management.
The contents, list, editorial and abstracts of main articles are online, plus details of BJHC events.
Health Informatics Europe
Online journal of news, developments and resources of medical and health informatics across Europe.
Health Data Management
Journal on health informatics and related areas. Monthly publication with full article text available as well as news and trends information.
Healthcare Informatics Online
A monthly magazine for informatics managers.
The Informatics Review
An on-line journal devoted to the field of clinical informatics and computer-based decision making.
Building Workforce Capacity in Health Informatics
Powerpoints of lecture to National Health Online Summit. Author: Prof. Enrico Coiera (Australia)
The Cornerstones of Medical Informatics
Discusses four areas: structures to represent complex data and knowledge relationships, acquiring and presenting data to lessen overload, managing change to optimize information use and integrating information. Author: Nancy M. Lorenzi in Jnl. Am. Med. Inform. Assoc.
A Soft Systems Methodology Model for Clinical Decision Support Systems
Proposes use of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) as a tool for analysing clinical decision support systems using various models. Authors Lee, P.C.H. and Loo, G.S
Learning to Manage Health Information Practically
Conference report to Academy of Regents College's Information Group,London. Details topics, people and key ideas presented.
Informatics, Medical Education in the 21st Century
Comment on value and importance of informatics in medical training. No references. Author: Krister Friday.
International Journal of Medical Informatics
Elsevier Science Journal publication
Consumer Health Informatics and Patient Decisionmaking
The study looked at tools that include interactive computer discs, videotapes, audiotapes, brochures, and computer-generated fact sheets to help patients make decisions about medical screening and treatment. According to the study, most research has looked more at the effects of the tools on patient knowledge and satisfaction than on patient-clinician communications and health behavior and outcomes. Author: AHCPR Research Report. AHCPR Publication No. 98-N001, September 1997. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Rockville, MD.
Handbook of Medical Informatics, Musen, J.H. and Van Bemmel, J.H.
A comprehensive and well indexed text and web site combined detailing the essentials of Health (Medical) Informatics. A useful introduction to those interested in the growing field.
Health and Medical Informatics Digest
Online resources of interest to multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners, researchers, academics, and informatics specialists.
PACH: A Framework for Reform
Report (pdf) and summary of findings for reform proposal for Alberta health care. Details about an electronic health record initiative.
Journal of Medical Internet Research
International scientific peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of research, information, and communication in the healthcare field using Internet and Intranet-related technologies.
The Journal of Informatics in Primary Care
Archived till September 2000 and then became 'Informatics in Primary Care' published by Radcliffe Medical Press.
Informatics in Primary Care
Content ranges from scientific research papers, through editorials and case studies, to websites, useful tools, reviews and conferences. Details of journal plus full online text access with citation information and contents alerts. Sample copy available.
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Current articles with full text and abstracts. Archives available as well as details for authors. Customized alerts, details of editorial board, guestbook and mirrored site links.
Guide to Health Informatics
Publication by Prof. Enrico Coiera. 2nd edition with sample content, resources, glossary and references. Links to extensive publication bibliography.
Future Health Bulletin
Email bulletins on internet and other technologies in health. Contains an archive of back issues, contact details, news and subscription details.

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