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Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre
Its purpose is to apply the veterinary medical sciences to wildlife conservation and management in Canada.
Center for Bison and Wildlife Health
Serves as a regional center for information exchange and research on all aspects of the biology and management of the American bison. Based at Montana State University at Bozeman.
National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC)
Provides wildlife health and disease investigative, research and training support to federal, state, local and international conservation agencies. Also maintains wildlife mortality and epizootic information and databases.
Dutch Society for Wildlife Health
Mission to acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge of the health and welfare of wild and feral animals in relation to their biology, conservation and interaction with humans and domestic animals, with an emphasis on the Netherlands.
Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SCWDS)
Providing high quality wildlife disease expertise to State and Federal Agencies responsible for wildlife and domestic livestock resources.
Office of Fish and Wildlife Health and Forensics
Conducts investigations and research on diseases of captive and free-ranging fish and wildlife. It also performs tests and analyses of biological samples for law enforcement cases.

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