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Aging Research Centre
Provides researchers and laymen with information related to aging. An Insider's Guide to Anti-Aging Medicine
Information about anti-aging and longevity.
AntiAging Information
Product information, test results, reports, links and resources for people interested in all aspects of anti-aging.
Reverse Aging Now Documentary
Scientists and seniors discuss longevity through anti-aging medicine.
Life Extension Magazine
Magazine with articles related to anti-aging and life extension.
Tips for men on living longer.
Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men Over 60 Years Old
Article published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Describes Rudman's 1990 research about the effects of human growth hormone.
Links to articles related to aging and anti-aging.
Do Noninjectable Forms of Human Growth Hormone Work?
Article comparing the research behind the use of injectable and noninjectable human growth hormone.
The Infinite Faculty
Information about life-extension, especially the effects of caloric restriction.
Investigation of Self-Renewal Potential of Human Organism
Information on new results of life-extension research, anti-aging hypothesis, and life-extension program.
Put Old on Hold
Online magazine with articles about healthy lifestyle choices and productive longevity.
MCW HealthLink: Aging
News and information about healthy aging from the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Healthy Aging
Dr. Judith Ford's writings about the principles of healthy aging.
1st Spot Longevity
Information and links to articles about longevity.
EDTA Chelation
Information about chelation therapy.
The Charles Clever Diet
Diet that promotes longevity. Written by register nurse.
Information about the aging effects of free radicals. Advice on the use of antioxidants to combat free radicals.
The Kaymar Group
Information on the Cleo Face Programme. Works on the muscles of the face, toning and lifting back into shape.
Information about prescription human growth hormone, with links to anti-aging clinics, fitness sites, and manufacturers.
Anti-aging Guide
Diets, guidance, and resources to the anti-aging process.
Skin Care, Skin Care Products For Less
Skin care, Skin Care Products, for serious skin care solutions by Skin Therapy, Remy Laure, Repechage, DDF, Dermapeutics, Mineral Makeup, Blinc Mascara, and more!
News, trends, and research into on human growth hormone and IGF-1.
HGH Anti Aging Resources
Informational guide to human growth hormone and anti-aging supplements.
Scientific American: The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill
Offers an article on many scientists' quest for a pill that can prevent aging.
Young Again Forever
Offers an anti-aging exercise video, a health course, and articles.
Thriving Wisdom
Information focusing on the mental and spiritual aspects.
HGH Research
Offers a research paper, articles, and news on the human growth hormone.

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