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Gynecologic Oncology: All About Pap Tests
Describes the procedure, evaluation process, treatment, and possible errors with the test.
Planned Parenthood: Anatomy of a Pelvic Exam
Steps through what happens during and after the exam.
Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear
Information from the San Francisco Department of Public Health about the procedure and results and their relation to genital warts.
Should I Have a Pap Smear?
Information from the American Society for Clinical Pathology about the test's relation to cervical cancer and results of the test. Colposcopy: What Is It?
Describes the procedure used for further evaluation of abnormal pap smear results.
The Female Pelvis
Slides from a clinical skills class describing the pelvic exam procedure.
Women's Health Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear
Information from University Health Services at Pennsylvania State University about what to expect with a pelvic exam.
InteliHealth: The Pelvic Exam And Pap Smear
Lists how to prepare for the exam, steps through the procedure, and answers common questions.
Questions and Answers About the Pap Test
Fact sheet from the National Health Center.
Medinfo: Smear Test (Cervical Smear)
Information from a United Kingdom general practitioner about procedure, results, and follow-up techniques.
Dr. Richard Skinner
Australian specialized gynecologist. Site contains information aimed towards patients about pap tests and colposcopy as related to cervical dysplasia, HPV, and warts. Also describes the colposcopy procedure and available treatments for abnormal results.
Abnormal Pap Smears: What Every Woman Needs to Know
Book by Lynda Rushing, M.D. and Nancy Joste, M.D. about pap smears test results and the human papillomavirus (HPV) and its connection to cervical dysplasia and cancer. Site includes excerpt from the book, ordering information, and profiles of the authors.
Feminist Women's Health Center: Gynecological Self-Exam
Shows how to do a cervical or vaginal self-exam and identify problems. Also lists benefits of self-exams.
Pap Smears: What They Are and What the Results Mean
Information from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) about the types of changes an abnormal test can show. Abnormal Pap Smears
Describes possible causes of abnormal test results, how a pap smear looks, and ways to prevent the risk of cancer.
Having a Pelvic Exam and Pap Test
Information from the National Cancer Institute about what to expect. Also includes advice from other women.
The Pap Examination: It Can Save Your Life
Information from the College of American Pathologists about the value of the exam, when to have it, and how to determine if a laboratory is accredited.
The ThinPrep Pap Test - Women's Health Center
Information about women's health, cervical cancer screening and the ThinPrep Pap Test.
Women's Health Interactive: Pelvic Exam and Pap Test
Explains what happens during the exam.
Abnormal Pap Smears
Analysis of results, tests, causes, treatments, and a gallery of pictures. Includes links.
MerckSource - Pap Smear
Learn about the papanicolaou test, a test conducted for cervical cancer. Includes how it is performed and how to prepare for it.

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