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Edwin R. Cruz-Zeno Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Specializes in evaluating children and adolescents with temporary or permanent disabilities and in developing treatments to maximize their functional abilities. Brookfield, Connecticut.
Melmedica Children's Healthcare, Inc.
Dedicated to providing pediatric home care for medically complex, technology-assisted children through the use of nursing professionals.
Pediatric Potentials Rehab, Inc.
An innovative home and community based rehabilitation company in Lake Mary, Florida that strives to provide the highest quality of therapy services to children and families in need of specialized services. Works to promote skill development, self-esteem and quality of life within each child's natural environment.
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Outpatient Services
Adaptive Equipment, Apnea/BPD Follow-Up Program, Audiology Services/BAER Testing, Developmental Pediatrics, Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC).
Movement Discoveries, a physical rehabilitation clinic for children
A physical rehabilitation clinic in San Bruno, CA offering innovative therapies for children with neuromuscular disorders, including Suit Therapy using the TheraSuitâ„¢.
Access Movements
Access Movements with Kinga C. Balogh, located in San Bruno California, provides Anat Baniel and Feldenkrais therapy to children with neuro-motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy.
Occupational and Physical therapy for children & adolescents
Occupational therapy and physical therapy in Durham, North Carolina. Sensory Integration available. Meeting needs of developmental disabilities. Medicaid and many insurance plans accepted.
Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center
This Web site provides information about the services provided, resources for families, volunteer opportunities, special events and general information about our Center in West Virginia.
Kids Korner at Renaissance Outpatient Rehab
Speech, occupational, and physical rehabilitation services for children through 18 years of age. A physician referral is required. This site provides contact information for and driving directions to all four of our locations (McAllen, LaJoya, Pharr, Weslaco) in Texas.
Cherokee Pediatric Therapy
Cherokee Pediatric Therapy is a private practice in Cherokee county, Georgia committed to excellence in the identification, evaluate and treatment of children and adolescents in need of Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy services.

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