Web Pages
Hemophilia Galaxy
Support information specifically designed for people with hemophilia, their families, and health care professionals.
Choice Source Therapeutics
Provide hemophilia care for patients.
Hemophilia Ontario
Committed to improve the quality of life of people affected by hemophilia and related blood conditions, and to work towards a cure.
Hemophilia Resource Network
Clinical care pathways and administrative services to hematologists managing hospitalized persons with hemophilia.
Disease management, progress and possible cures.
Tonya's Page
This page is dedicated to my son, who has hemophilia.
Medical And Hemophilia References
Personal page from Rick and Linda Thomas.
Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center of Nevada
Information about the organization, bleeding and clotting disorders, research projects and contact details.
Haemophilia Forum
Dedicated to supplying information on haemophilia to medical and health care professionals, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with worldwide specialists in the field of haematology.
Hemophilia Club
Global Network of people suffering with Hemophilia & their families.
Family Practice Notebook: Coagulation Bleeding Disorders
Information in note form for clinicians.
Merck Manual: Hemophilia
Information for doctors from this online textbook.
MSN Learning & Research: Hemophilia
Hemophilia, hereditary blood disease involving the inability of blood to clot, or coagulate, leading to hemorrhage, or bleeding.
Hemophilia Village
Information on the signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of hemophilia A and B.

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