Autism Spectrum         
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The Kennedy Krieger Institute
Institute dedicated to helping children and adolescents with disorders of the brain.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
Information on neurological and nuerodevelopmental disorders from a leading supporter of biomedical research on the brain and nervous system.
UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute
Works to improve the lives of adults and children with neurodevelopmental disorders through medical research, clinical programs, and treatment.
North Worcester Psychological Consultants, P.C.
An organization providing counseling, advocacy, and psychological testing services to children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.
The HANDLE Institute
Neurodevelopmental disorders, non-profit rehabilitation, psychology, education, nutrition, stuttering.
Cognitive Rehabilitation And Family Support Services
A post-acute brain damage rehabilitation center.
Issues Specific to Children with Brain Disorders
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, calls for political action to protect the rights of families of individuals with brain disorders.
Forensic Neuropsychology
Describes neuropsychological assessment and the services of an adolescent and child neuropsychologist.
SID Poem
Poem recognizing sensory integration dysfunction (SID) symptoms in children.
Human Development Center Web Site
A non-profit organization dedicated to the training and rehabilitation of adults with developmental disabilities.
Handeman's Spot on the Web
The story of Paul, an individual with Gullian-Barre Syndrome.
Chandler Gilbert ARC
An organization that provides training and support to adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities in Arizona.
Neuronal Migration Disorders
Basic information on Neuronal Migration Disorders.
Research and Training Center on Community Living
Community supports for persons with developmental disabilities and their families
Neuro-Developmental Therapy in Ireland
Information about specific learning difficulties caused by Neurodevelopmental Delay (NDD) and treatments available in Ireland, including list of qualified therapists.
Center for Neurobehavioral Health
Offers assessment and rehabilitation services to people who have suffered brain injury due to trauma or disease.

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