Web Pages
Ask Happyshrink
User submitted questions with both serious and sarcastic advice from a mental health professional.
Doctor Leon - Psychology with Attitude
A satire including sarcastic mental health definitions, visitors' questions with answers, commentary on therapy, and funny quotations.
Journal of Polymorphous Perversity
Humor magazine that spoofs psychology, psychiatry, and medicine.
Managed Health Care Humor
Humorous stories and jokes about the business side of medicine.
Trillian's Psych' Humor
Large collection of jokes and stories.
On the Psychologist's Couch
A collection of comics based on the artist's experience as a psychotherapist.
Psychology Humor
Jokes, bumper stickers, rhymes, song titles, play, book review, science phrase translations, satire, caricatures, and parody.
Rapid Psychler Press
Humorous, yet educational textbooks and presentation graphics for psychiatry, psychology and other behavioral sciences.
Twisted Flowers Nursing Home
Spoof on psychogeriatric care, with pictures and cartoons.
Diverse collection of psychology humor.
On Beyond Ritalin
Dr. Suess style poem and cartoons covering all known treatments for ADHD.
What I Learned
Satire on lessons learned in clinical psychology graduate school.
Humorous warning signs of burnout for mental health workers.
Herr Doktor!
Cartoons, essays, and lectures satirizing patient handling and diagnosis.
The Lighter Side of Psych
Graduate student, assessment, and clinical jokes.
Off the Mark Psychology Cartoons
Many cartoons by Mark Parisi.
A humorous computer psychological analysis.
Profession Jokes - Psychology and Psychiatry
A large collection of jokes, all part of a larger indexed professional joke directory.
Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust
An investigation by Chaya Ostrower for her PhD on the types and functions of humor used by Jews during the Holocaust. Mental Health Humor
Collection of mental health jokes
Social Phobia Phunnies
A web site that sheds some humor on social phobia with cartoons and cartoon strips.
Social Psychology Humor
Popular cartoons with psychological analysis of their themes.
MPN Medical Humor - Psych Cartoons
Psychiatry cartoons by various people, part of a larger medical cartoon and joke collection.

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