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Web Pages
Stop Bad Therapy
Information about false memory syndrome, repressed memories, recovered memories and retractors, and an online test to evaluate therapy.
Pueblo Advocacy
Biweekly mental health articles from the Pueblo Chieftain. The author also has created subsites for the local mental health association and depressive and manic depressive association both of which he founded.
A Tribute to Karly Long
Karly Long died May 15th 1999. She was a victim of mental health care gone awry. Her story should be read by policy makers, practitioners, advocates, and mental health consumers.
A Childs Cry
Helping children and families fighting the system of mental health care. Families can post their page on site.
Upton Books
Devoted to addressing those social concerns that have not been widely acknowledged or investigated by the mainstream press. A division of Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS), Inc.
Our Childs Silent Cry
Our Son is losing his childhood while we fight the Mental Health System to get him the help that he so desperately needs.
Mental Health Patient Rights
A weekly newsletter. Resources about managed care, patient rights, patient confidentiality, and parity for mental health care. A Practitioners' page, requires a subscription (free).
Managed Care and Patient Privacy
Details highlights of the lawsuit against Highmark, Magellan, and Managed Care regarding patient confidentiality and privacy rights. Read excerpts and the court's opinions.

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