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Online free goal setting software and on demand, streaming realaudio and realvideo motivational and inspirational audio tapes.
Success, sexuality and spirituality
Athena Parker of the Mind-Over-Matter Institute is a nationally known speaker and motivator. Her current audio tape is "Lighten Up and Let Go!" She helps her clients in matters of success, sexuality and spirituality.
Seminars - Leadership Development - Personal Growth
PSI Seminars is a professional seminar company committed to offering high quality personal development seminars for enhancing individual mastery of life success principles.
Health Classics Productions, Inc.
Macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, natural health, health foods, personal development, recovery, grief, and trauma seminars, books, audiotapes, videotapes, body care, cookware, and other items.
The Mind Media Life-Enhancment Network
Catalog of self-improvement and personal-growth software and CD-ROMs.
Audio program that teaches the art of thinking from a new world view.
Help Yourself
Improve the quality of your life effortlessly. Self-help audiotapes provide the support you need to improve your life. Learn how to be positive, and gain confidence.
Computerised self-help programs for alcohol abuse and domestic violence, ICQ counselling for agoraphobia.
Mental Health Videos on Demand - The de la Parte Institute
This project was developed to allow users to search an online catalogue and play videos in support of the Institute's mission to educate and train persons in areas of importance in mental health. Includes searchable database.
Living Consciously
A simple, practical process for personal growth, balance, healing, well-being, consciousness and motivation in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Audio cassette course, seminars, employee training and wellness programs, special programs for at-risk students.
Release Negative Emotions
Cassette Tape of visualizations by Clinical Psychologist. They will help you release your negative emotions such as fear and anger so you can feel good again.
A 3 step program to eliminate negative moods
Positive Attitude Institute
The Internet's best source for motivation and inspiration.
How to Conquer Embarrassment Manual
Self-esteem will triumph over frustration and embarrassment after hearing Eddie speak.
Trace Wilco
Offers Belief-Scan 4.0 software for detecting and diagnosing faulty thinking. Online demo, book excerpts and ordering information.
Counselors Association Inc
Offering LifeChange program which combines hypnosis with a workbook. Tutorials, resources and associated articles.
The Genius Zone
Ed Strachar's audio course which claims to help you tap into your natural genius ability. Product details and author profile.
Creative Living
Teaches positive thinking, subconscious mind power development, visualization, and affirmations. With success stories, monthly tip and newsletter.
Syked! Self Help & Psychology
A self-help and psychology site, with articles, diagnosis and treatment information, online quizzes, free professional advice and a dictionary of mental health terminology.
Helps a person set and reach personal and professional goals by constructing a plan and keeping a person on track with email reminders.
Astromind Self Improvement
Techniques to increase intelligence, concentration, consciousness and awareness. Site includes table of contents for course book, testimonials, and order form.
Stress Cards: Dr. Al Barrios
Credit card size bio-feedback stress cards for many different situations. Press your thumb for 25 seconds then read your stress level.
Higher Awareness
Tools, workbooks, resource lists, support, quotes, articles and links for people serious about change, fulfillment, transformation and success.
Rebecca Ryan Resources
An online magazine that connects people and explores possibilities regarding health, ecology, personal growth, professional development, creativity, and wellness.
Mark Shafer, PhD
Workshops, classes, and retreats focused on personal and spiritual growth.
Achieve Your Dreams
Set and achieve any goal that you want.
Coaching, training, social anxiety and effectiveness resources (reports, books, links, articles) for the management of performance anxiety, development of savvy interactions and confidence, and creation of satisfying and productive personal and business relationships.
Mental Illness Education Project
Produce and distribute video-based educational programs and related materials. The Project's videotapes are designed to be used in hospital, clinical and educational settings.
Mental Health Self-Help
Resources for emotional growth and healing.
The Portable Coach
Provides information on changing your life including advice on self analysis, goal setting, and taking the plunge.
Complete goal setting and goal management system for personal and business development, motivation and success.
Energy Balancing Cassette Tape
Stress management tapes
Self Help for Depression
Offers insight on how to overcome depression, factors that contribute to depression, patterns of depression and reasons that depression may be related to family history.
Health Journeys: The Guided Imagery Resource Center
Website offers visualization audiotapes, books, research and resources on guided imagery, a complementary medicine and holistic mind and body healing process.
The Option Method
A self help tool that increases your personal growth, happiness and success. Carefully designed questions help uncover the beliefs that underlie unhappiness
Success Training Tutorials
Tutorials on various self-help methods for achieving success.
Mental Toughness Techniques
Products designed to give you an opportunity to self actualize your personal potential. Take a journey towards continuous improvement for quality living.
Affirmations and Visualizations
Cassette tape of affirmations produced by Clinical Psychologist to permanently change your life.
Sedona Training Associates
Offers self improvement products and courses focused on eliminating anxiety and fear, managing anger, and increasing emotional intelligence and motivation.
The Personal Growth eStore
Offers a wide range of reviews on personal development books, tapes and programs.
Interfaith self-help program. Removes issues that interfere with your inner peace. Creates states that support your inner peace.
Knowing Your Intuitive Mind
Self help books and personal growth tools for intuitive problem solving with health, wealth, business, pets...all parts of life. Free self help book chapters, e-books and personal growth tools.
How Much Joy Can You Stand?
Creativity and inspiration e-books, e-lessons, teleclasses and courses for the life coach and anyone seeking self-motivation and happiness. By Suzanne Falter-Barns
Software which assists you to identify your sub-personalities or personas. With FAQs, case studies and ordering information.
Live Your Best Life
Rebirthing, love relationships, prosperity consciousness,and self help tools.
Dr. Kidder
Offering relaxation videos and articles on stress and mental health.
Spalding Educational Products
Sandra Tappan Spalding, MS, NCC, CCMHC - mind, emotional and spiritual integration techniques. Self-help video tape.
The Achievement Tape Library
Audio and video success training tapes for personal growth and business success. Includes ideas and insights on how to effectively achieve your goals and live your dreams.
Self Help Warehouse
Offers educational and therapeutic games; equipment for play-therapy; ADHD resources; career tests/testing; Myers-Briggs tests; and self-hypnosis.
Release Technique
Self improvement program that can help relieve anxiety and stress, fight depression, improve health and promote wealth and success. Testimonials, ordering facility, background information and newsletter.
Mental Physical Wellbeing
Dr. Brian Alman offers self hypnosis books, audio, and video tapes.
Achievement Store
Self improvement, motivational and self help products and services.
Holosync® Technology
Personal growth program, with newsletter, online demo, discussion, support and articles.
Attitude is Everything
Motivational products, including books, audiotapes, seminars and newsletters. Community discussion and chat area.
Self Sabotage Behaviour
Self-guided workshop on how to avoid constricting behaviour. Details of product, newsletter and presentation.
Tranceformational Press
Videos, CD-Roms, and weekly radio shows designed to help you realize your full potential for self development. Testimonials, author biography and ordering information.
Motivational Analysis
Home study course which combines Jungian ideas and psychological astrology. Overview, course details and how to enrol.
The Journey to Profound Happiness
Details of a 30-day course which aims to help alleviate depression, fatigue, stress and anxiety.
James Battle & Associates
Publishers and distributors of a variety of publications and resources, aimed at the professional psychologist as well as the lay-person. Online catalog and company profile.
The Living Learning System
Offers a personal development system containing CD and a manual. Details of seminars, authors and chat room.
Women With Courage
Offers a motivational CD for victims of domestic violence, abuse, assault, and rape. Product details and general information on women's rights and issues.
Offering goal achievement software. Product details and information on Lite version.
Freedom Spirit International Corporation
Motivational program which aims to harness the power of music and song. Product and ordering details, news, events listing and testimonials.
Lynne Finney
Author and therapist offers a selection of books, tapes and workshops to help find a fulfilment in life, and recover from abuse.
Transactional Analysis Tutor
Visual presentation of some basic transactional analysis concepts and tools along with 400+ clinical handouts.
Inner Outlook
Workshops and seminars employing creative visualization, guided imagery, and meditation techniques. Also multimedia resources using natural sounds and Native American music.
Dreams Alive
Learn why goal setting is hazardous to health. Offers ideas on how to discover personal passions, Life's purpose and dreams. Interactive software.
Songs of Success
Offering music with positive affirmations and inspirational messages. Suggest a song feature, and information about the Dream Foundation.
Help Your Self Store
Offers audiotherapy products for help in dealing with issues including stress, anger, self-confidence and relationship problems.
Dr. Hudesman's Test Anxiety Reduction Program
Brief information about this program, with email address for further details.
Learn To Feel Good: A Systematic Approach
Psychologist Dr. M. Adam Sheck. Includes articles, quotations, teaching tales, poems, cartoons, a free newsletter, and free greeting cards. Email courses also available.
Accompaniment to the Map Your Life Self-Help Kit
A self-help life tool designed to help people use their past to change their future.
Create the Work Life You Want
Step by step personal development program to redesign your worklife vision. Features a free personal profile test and testimonials.
True Life Interactive
Interactive, personalized life planning program. Full information, FAQs and details of how to sign up.
Apt Health
Offering manuals on sports psychology and stress mangement and a cassette tape on relaxation and focusing techniques. With product and ordering information.
A range of audio programs, books and other materials to aid in reducing stress and managing life. Includes details of seminars and consultations, as well as articles, humor and resource lists.
Self Help Life Changing Course
Offers a training system, including personal coaching, to create success by developing the power of your subconscious mind. Includes success stories, monthly tip and newsletter.
Offering audio tape programs for use in self-improvement, health, fitness and sports. Product details and background information.
Affirmations For Positive Thinking
Offers personal affirmations tutorials, together with a free daily affirmation. Includes pricing and order details.
Choices - Adventures of a Lifetime
Offers personal growth, motivational, relationship, success, support and recovery books and gifts, prayers, quotes, meditations, articles and news.
Amazing Personal Power - Change your life
Helps you attract super success, no matter what area this may be in - educational, business, social, personal relationships, sports, and many others.
Present Memory
An self-assistance technique that will teach you how to concentrate and focus on what you want and how to get it now. It will be your personal guide to stress management, creative visualization, emotional development, and emotional healing
The Motivational eStore
Reviews and sales of motivational, self-help and personal development products.
Great People of Spirit
The site encourages the practices of personal development, meditation, prayer, futures work and inner reflection. It also introduces the personal element of interaction with the great people of spirit.
Living in the Present is What's Important Now
Offers books, tapes, coaching, seminars, and speakers based on the book What's Important Now: Shedding the Past So You Can Live in the Present by John Kuypers for healthier relationships, better personal performance and a happier, more centered way of living.
Self Esteem And Confidence Improvement
Offers training to improve self esteem, confidence, and self image by working with self improvement techniques and a personal coach.
Delfin Knowldege System
A self-development system to enhance the way one thinks, immediately and permanently. It teaches timeless principles and basic techniques that will enable one to produce extraordinary results in any area, whether personal, professional or financial.
Being A Success
More success in every area your life with the online success programme. Areas include money, energy, self confidence, weight plus much more
Holistic Harmony Network
Various self-help, spirituality, and therapy resources.
Provides counselling and access to a qualified, liscensed psychologist.
Northern Wellness, Inc.
Personal and professional growth and development for mind, body, and spirit. Seminars, programs, and personal success coaching.
Growth Online: Answers to the Major Questions of Life
Offers answers to questions of life in areas of personal, business,and social growth and development
Heartlight Spiritual & Self Awareness
Products and information for self awareness on physical, psychic and spiritual levels.
The Weiss MBSR Program
Course and audio tape programs dealing with "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction". Ordering information and profile of course developer.
Flying in the Comfort Zone
Programs for fear of flying. Free information on anxiety control, PTSD treatment plan, and fighting trauma.
InnerBound, Inc.
Programs to develop fundamental skills of inner-awareness, providing the resources and stimulus to attain personal and professional potential, as well as a solid sense of self.
Emotional Memory Management
Dr. Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D. discusses having positive control of our emotional memory during difficult times in our lives.
MasterPeace Coaching and Training
Personal and professional coaching for a life of wealth and abundance today.
Empowerment Training Programs
Offers five personal empowerment programs. This site describes each training and features additional resources.
Possibilities Unlimited - Living on Purpose
About designing your life from the perspective of what's possible and learning to enjoy each moment of every day instead of looking forward to Friday afternoons or age 65.
Full Circle Success
Programs, products and services about achieving success in all areas of daily life. Includes overview of membership benefits, newsletters, wealth building courses, magazine subscription information and contacts.
On-line seminars and programs for individuals to discover your purpose and live more abundantly. Interactive help for success with goals, relationships, and work.
Barksdale Foundation
Books, tapes and courses to enhance self-esteem and decrease stress. With essay of the month and online questionnaires.
Create The Life You Want
Transformational Workshops and coaching in the UK with success coach Andy Smith.
Goal-setting software. Online version and tutorial also available.
The Stress Company
Self-help CDs. Corporate stress reduction, training, one-to-one therapy, and counselling.
The Garo Method
Sales of self help cds and cassettes for teenagers to improve academic, self esteem, and athletic ability.
Inner Sanctum
Self help mind test resolving marriage, romance, sexuality, finances, fears, weight issues, and spirituality by neuroscience.
Relaxation guided imagery CDs for stress relief and well-being, plus mind-body research news, articles, and books by Joel Levey and Michelle Levey.
Dream to Reality
Twelve short and simple motivation lessons taken at home. Email questions on the lessons.
Simple and Fast Success
Step-by-step system for achievement and success in any area of life. Order online, via telephone, or email.
The Place 2 Get Help
Dedicated to researching, evaluating, and offering programs and services that enhance people's personal and professional excellence. Toll free number.
NorthEast Health Realization Institute NEHRI
Health Realization Model, an approach for prevention of problem behaviors through books, training, coaching. Three principles for parenting, mental health, education, and well-being from the inside-out.
Unified Life Techniques Theory, Inc.
Seminars, coaching, and books to develop balanced and integrated success in spirituality, mind, emotions, instincts, body, and finances. Based on wisdom of ancient masters and cultures through self help exercises.
Subliminal Assistance LLC
Offers self improvement solutions delivered via tapes and cds, utilizing self hypnosis and subliminal persuasion. Topics include health and wellness, weight loss, stress, smoking, depression and confidence.
Project Positive
Products to help set and achieve goals while balancing life. Day planners, ebooks, calendars, motivational posters.
Create Write Now
A personal consulting firm, helps people design and live the life they want. Customizes human resource services to address individual needs and employ creative writing methods. Online survey.
Doyle Family Counseling Center
Self help and counseling services and products for parenting, divorce, marital therapy, stress management, life voaching, intensive psychotherapy, and successful living.
Images of One
Offers publications and software for success with money, health, and relationships.
Option Institute
Worldwide teaching center offering empowering personal growth programs and seminars that improve health, career, relationships and quality of life, based on work and books of Barry Neil Kaufman.
The Linden Method
A unique, fast and permanent treatment method for sufferers of anxiety disorder, panic attacks, generalised anxiety, OCD and PTSD by Charles Linden. Audio tracks and a video.
The Rumpelstilskin Road to Riches
How to use powers of creativity to turn straw into gold and generate wealth. Offers a mind training course.
Power Optimism
Teaches people to release negative patterns and create positive practices. Learn how optimism promotes resiliency, self-esteem and personal growth. Workshops and workplace training.
Professional Level Relationship Assessment
Evaluation for self help, couples and marriage counseling, any relationship between two people.
The Art of Change
Personal development books and recordings about health, men, how to make major life changes, how to meditate, and music for relaxation. Available to buy online.
Dr. Woods Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Sells auedio tapes and counseling services in Virginia.
Motivational Guide to Life
Mr Phillip Smith is a philosopher of life and offers a book to download to help people through everyday hurdles.
7 Simple Strategies to Become a Great Leader
How good leaders become great, with lessons from Ben & Jerry's, Intel, Harley-Davidson, explorer Ernest Shackleton, American POWs, and crash survivors. Electronic download for a fee.
Dr. Jeetendra Adhia
Well known in Gujarat and India for his research and lectures on Power of Human Mind. Explains methods of using power of subconscious mind by relaxation and visualization. Offers books, CDs, and cassettes.
Peyma, Ltd.
Offers a personality test, a relationship test, and advice. Fee based.
Overcoming Mindblocks
Mind Blocks therapy was developed by Dr. Henry Petree for people who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and anxiety disorders.
Love Your Life
Books, services and free e-zines to help an individual to learn to love their life. From Marilyn Powers, Ph.D., a business and personal coach with decades of experience, author, speaker and workshop leader.
How To Education
Discounted audios, videos, and books from motivational speakers and educators.
Key Goals
Learn to set and achieve goals. Includes proven stategies and research on goal setting. Software program.
Distance learning courses developed by Barbara and Glenn Smyly through their work in the Alivening Project. Personal development, spiritual psychology and character education programs.
Crafting the Good Life
Dedicated to giving people the knowledge, tools and support to create a special life, one that can be well lived, loved and understood. E-book and an email course.
Crucial Synergies
Information and books from James and Guylaine Tolchard. Introduces the Processology of Human Dynamics.
Unleash the Magic in Goals
CD program explains the hows and whys of goal setting. Comes with a free bonus CD 'The Goals Magic' workshop which is an interactive goal setting workshop.
Stress Be Gone
Learn to address the hidden causes of many health problems, whether physical or emotional. Training and e-book program.
Kick Start Your Self Esteem Coaching Program
Aimed at helping women whose lack of self-esteem impacts on their relationships, careers, and overall well-being. Self paced lesson plans.
Learn the Lessons Technologies
Created to provide a quick reference and tools for learning life's lessons and to help others deal effectively with day-to-day problems.
Motivational Speakers Online
Motivational speaker's presentations summarized to 15 minute motivational seminars. Offers subscription for audio emails.
The Self Help Centre
Provides opportunities to enhance life through personal development in various ways. Learn to establish a business, live debt free, or set and achieve personal goals. Audio tape programs.
The Mirror Cards Pack
A tool to help with all aspects of relationships. Professional counselling available as an additional support.
Vision Of Victory
Learn how to visualize personal goals and turn them into reality with this 3CD set.
The No Can't Program
Offers signs to help to ensure a positive approach to life, work, sports, spiritual issues. Can be used in the classroom, studio, gym and training room.
Mood Up
Positive inspirational quotes and gifts to improve mood, help relax and rejuvinate. Aromatherapy and spa products as well as music pamper products provide stress relief and fights depression.

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