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Leandro Fernandez, MD. Internal Medicine - Advanced Ultrasonography
Specialized site about 3D Ultrasound, Doppler, and Harmonics. Clinical cases and images done with the most recently technology are shown.
Ultrasound Diagnostic
The Nizhniy Novgorod Childrens Regional Hospital (Russia - in Russian and English)
Real time 3D ultrasound imaging
Real Time 3D imaging using ellipsoidal backprojection for ultrasound, radar, sonar,... Patents available for licensing.
A free command-line driven program which allows you to convert medical images and DICOM files to various other formats, while optionally performing some rudimentary image processing tasks .
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Dr. Gonzalo Diaz
Information about biomedical engineering, diagnostic ultrasound, color ultrasound, 3-D ultrasound and telesonography. Provides services such as consultation, training, software development and telesonography systems assembling. Includes articles, ultrasound pictures and a mailing list.
Online Education, CMEs, CEUs, job opportunities, career connections, online resumes, conferences and seminars, echocardiography links, technology news, and other materials for echocardiographers.
Medinfo: Ultrasound scanning
Easy to understand information for patients on ultrasound scanning (ultrasonography), a quick, easy and relatively safe investigation which helps in many areas of medicine. Written by a UK general practitioner.
Center for Arteriosclerosis Detection with Ultrasound
CADUS is an interdisciplinary research center supported by the Danish Technical and Medical Research Councils.
UCSD 3D Ultrasound Imaging Group
Bernard's Home Page
medical imaging and visualisation.
Ultrasound Links Page
Links to ultrasound related sites from Ultrasound Lab, University of Vienna.
Cool 3-D Cases
University of British Columbia; Department of Radiology.
Podiatric Ultrasound
Podiatric Ultrasound-Diagnostic Ultrasound for the Podiatric / Podiatry Medical Practice
Echo in Context
Echo in Context is the longest standing and most watched recurring telemedicine event in the world.
Radiology Resource: Ultrasound, Pelvis
Current and accurate information about ultrasound (US) imaging of the pelvis, muscles and joints. Learn what patients might experience, how to prepare for exams, and benefits vs. risks.
Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal
Concise and accurate information about ultrasound imaging of bones, muscles and joints. Learn how to prepare for ultrasound exams, what patients might experience, benefits vs. risks.
Ultrasound, Abdomen
Current and accurate information about abdominal ultrasound imaging. Learn what patients might experience, how to prepare for exams, benefits vs. risks.
Imaging the Human Body with Ultrasound
by Elisabet O. Orville from Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.
3D Ultrasound
Using a conventional diagnostic ultrasound device and a position sensing device the possibility of creating threedimensional ultrasound images has been established.
Do You Want to See a Heart in Movement? Echocardiography 4D
Gallery of images from echocardiography, join of all texts to facilitate its interpretation. Image capture, processing and visualization of medical images 2D, 3D and 4D; echocardiography 4D; neuronal network; among other topics
Ultrasound, General
Current and accurate information about general ultrasound imaging. Learn what patients might experience, how to prepare for exams, benefits vs. risks.
Ultrasound Critical-angle Reflectometry
Fundamental principles (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas).
Homepage of Jack G. Mottley
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; Ph.D., Washington University in Saint Louis, 1985; Key Words: quantitative ultrasonic tissue and materials characterization, biomedical ultrasound, anisotropy of ultrasonic parameters, contractile-state-dependence of ultrasonic parameters, ultrasonic contrast agents.
Ermanno Dovico M.D. homepage
Hospital Cardiologist, presenting clinical cases of medical-cardiological interest, pictures of echocardiograms and/or electrocardiograms. Also available news and links regarding the professional and study curricula, living places and amenities
Ultrasound Visualization Research - Augmented Reality Technology
UNC Ultrasound Research
Ultrasound Artefacts
Ultrasound-Lab, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering & Physics, University of Vienna
Sonoluminescence and Medical Ultrasound
Physics News Graphics (American Institute of Physics)
Ultrasonics Laboratory
Based at the The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center seeks out advances in elastographic medical imaging.
Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound
A review of justifications, indications and significant findings by Dr Godwin.
Starting Abdominal Ultrasound
Solves beginners problems with technicalities and basics from South Bank University (UK).
Online resource for professional sonographers. Provides information on international industry, professional organizations, publications, courses of instruction and jobs.
Forum - Ultrasound Diagnostic Technology
Medical ultrasound news board, discussion, questions, answers, and announcements.

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