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Web Pages
Information on prostate diseases such as cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatitis.
Covers the prostate and its cancer, BPH, prostatitis, self-examination, warning signs and treatments.
Prostate Help Association
Site provides information on BPH, prostatitis and cancer from diagnosis to treatment.
Prostate anatomy and functions. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
Prostate Problems
National Institute on Aging: Covers acute and chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostate cancer, and resources.
Prostrate -
Article describes the function of the prostate as well as some of these diseases.
Prostate Story Online
One man's story about his condition and treatment experiences.
Facts About Prostate Disease
Discusses the prostate, its function and the importance of regular examination.
Prostate Health Directory
Features news, articles, and resource guides related to common prostate conditions.
Prostate Health
Consumer health information and prostate awareness site supported by Merck. Includes self evaluation quiz and video.
American Prostate Society
Information on prostate cancer, enlargement and prostatitis.
Indigo Laser treatment
Prostate treatment involving Indigo laser system.
Natural Health Link
Provides information on the prostate including BPH symptoms, treatments and nutritional approach.
Prostate Problems
Facts, statistics, treatment options and lifestyle associations of benign enlargement, prostatitis, and cancer.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and BPH
Describes how TCM practitioners in China treat hyperplasia of the prostate with traditional Chinese strategies and herbs.
ABC's of Prostate Health
Article described early symptoms of problems and screening importance. Site also includes links to additional men's health articles.
Berries from the American dwarf palm, sold as saw palmetto pills in stores, may be an effective treatment for men with lower urinary tract symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, according to a study.
Proton Beam Therapy at Loma Linda University
One of two facilities that utilize protons to improve physicians' ability to treat prostate disorders more effectively with radiation.
University of Michigan
Resource page concerning prostate cancer related information pertaining to diagnosis, staging, treatment options, specialists, investigational studies and current research.
Prostate Cancer Control Initiatives
The Center for Disease Control has made it a priority in the education of men concerning prostate cancer, the second leading killer. Government information, discussion, support and links are provided.
Prostate surgery has high impotence risk
USA Today article describes how prostate surgery has high impotence risk.
Prostate First
Features a virtual prostate clinic with prevention and treatment of the disorders. Discussion on drugs, books, videos of surgery, and advise from experienced specialists.
An Herbal Treatment for Hormone Induced Prostatitis
Information on herbal balancing of hormones in the aging male to eliminate prostatitis, hair loss, urinary tract problems, impotence, gynecomastia,libido, urgency of urination and mood changes.

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