Web Pages
Parent's guide to orthodontic care
Q and A about orthodontics.
Just for KiDDS
Pediatric dentistry information and links.
Information for parents about dentistry for children, the first visit, sedation, and early childhood caries.
Pediatric Dental Health
Provides information, resources, and answers for enhancing the oral and dental health of children.
A Parent's Guide to Child Dental Care
Your children are precious. The Dental Zone provides you with complete information to protect your children's teeth and ensure that their smiles last a lifetime.
Enjoy These Free Downloads
Fun free downloads for parents, teachers, and dental offices to give to children to help encourage good dental hygiene habits.
Ginger's Place - Home of great Tooth Fairy Stuff
Tooth Fairy Art and Clip Art, pictures to color, poems, and stories.
Child and Adolescent Health and Safety Guide
Complete guide to child and teen, medical, dental and safety issues. Provided by Child Development Institute.
Pediatric Oncall - Dentistry for Children
A parents' guide to caring for children's teeth.
Features a pediatric dentist directory.
A Parent's Guide to Child Dental Care
An organized site for parents who want to learn more about oral hygeine for their children.
Children's Dental Health Guide
Dental Health Guide to help you care for your childrens teeth, prevent cavities and give enough fluoride.
Pediatric Oncall - Dental Caries
Information on dental caries in children.
Information on bleeding gums in children.
Dental Health Guide for Children
Answers to parents' questions about how to take care of their children's teeth.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay -
The specific form of severe decay found in the teeth of infants and toddlers who fall asleep with a bottle of milk, juice, or any sweetened liquid in the mouth.
Kid's Corner |
Kids, parents and teachers- ask a dentist, games & crafts, and articles.
Tooth Fairy Castle - Pearl E. White's Home
Pearl E. White & The Tooth Fairy Castle Hi! My name is Pearl E. White, and this is my home. Did you know it’s a castle?
Tommy Tooth Mouse 's Tooth Fairy Story
Tommy the Tooth Mouse and his family have collected childrens teeth for generations. Help him write a story about YOU! Sealants, Sealing Teeth, Decay Prevention, Dental Sealants All about tooth sealants and sealing teeth. Learn about dental sealants as a means of preventing tooth decay.
AboutSmiles is for parents to know their role for happy and healthy smiles for their children and themselves.
Dental Fun and Games
FUN-N-GAMES: mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, stories, fairy tales, poems for families.
Child dental care
A parents guide to caring for children's teeth.
Pediatric Oncall - Dental Treatment in Children
Information about dental care in children and prevention of dental problems.
Children's Oral Health
General information about dental care for children, provided by Armenian Medical Network.
Tooth Fairy Land World Headquarters
Official home page for The Tooth Fairy, first tooth loss, loose teeth, and The Tooth Fairy Helpers.

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