Rett Syndrome
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International Rett Syndrome Association
Information about Rett Syndrome and the IRSA.
Rett Angels
Rett Syndrome forum and online support group sharing personal stories and information.
Faculty: Glaze, D.G.
Clinical Interests: Pediatric Neurology: Rett syndrome, epilepsy, medically intractable seizures, infantile spasms. Neurophysiology: children's sleep disorders.
Rett Syndrome Resources
Facts and various information containing links.
Rett Syndrome Association (UK)
The Rett Syndrome Association UK, a registered charity, is dedicated to the support of girls and women, together with their families and carers, suffering from this complex neurological disorder, which affects them throughout their lives. Sufferers are profoundly and multiply disabled.
Rett Syndrome Research Foundation
Promotes biomedical research for the treatment of Rett Syndrome, often misdiagnosed as Autism and Hypotonia. Offers detailed information, links, studies, support groups, and information on the Rett Syndrome gene MECP2 recently discovered.
Rett Syndrome
The Autism Research Institute distributes an information packet on Rett Syndrome.
Rett Syndrome
Diagnostic information, stories and links.
Rett Language
One family's experience with Rett Syndrome, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Discrete Trial Teaching.
Rett Syndrome Fact Sheet
An in depth look at this syndrome prepared by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
National Institutes of Health
Information in Rett Syndrome, treatment and prognosis.

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