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Special Child Magazine
Online magazine featuring family issues, health disorders, tips and success stories.
Support and information for parents of special needs children.
Ideal Lives Project
Resource site for parents of children with special needs and the teachers and professionals who support them. Offers practical tips, custom services, a directory of recommended books and web sites.
Adopting the International Child with Special Needs
A practical guide to planning for the arrival of a special needs child.
A worldwide resource that provides children with special needs, families and other care givers with access to comprehensive information.
Resources for Disabled and Special Needs Children
Links to resource sites, health information and support groups.
Henry Spink Foundation
Details about this charity which provides help to families with children who have a disability, rare disorder, chronic syndrome, behavioural problem or chemical imbalance.
Introduction to Feeding Children with Special Needs
Provides resources for child nutrition program providers, teachers and parents of children with special feeding needs.
Association for Children with a Disability
Provides information, support and advocacy to families with a children with a disability.
The Extra Lesson™
Provides an individualised 1:1 intervention program by trained practitioners for children and adolescents with learning, and fine or gross motor problems, social or behavioural difficulties including ADD, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia.
Ashlys World of Wonders
Links to medical resources for parenting a special needs child. Resources to information on rare disorders, skeletal dysplasias, dwarfism, mucopolysaccharidoses.
Nebraska Network for Children and Families
We offer support and information for families with special needs children. Information is available on hundreds of disabilities as well as an e-mail support group.
Amy's Dedication To Her Children
A personal webpage by a mother of a child with Autism, ADHD/ADD, and Adoption related links.
NICHCY: Parenting A Child With Special Needs - Resources
Provides a starting point for families in their search for information and resources to professionals who work with families who have a child with a disability.
About.com - Parenting Special Needs
Articles and reviewed links on the parenting of special needs children.
Tour of Centers for Special Kids
Offers details of the purpose to this web ring, statistics, the sites currently participating and joining instructions.
[Bellaonline] Parenting Special Needs
Information, link resources, articles, and a message board for parents and caregivers of special needs kids.
Aaron's Tracheostomy Page
Guide to home care for children with a tracheostomy. Brief FAQs, message board, mailing list and family stories.
Support for Families of Special Needs Kids
Links to many sites useful for those parenting special needs children.

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