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Introduction to Tibetan Medicine
Article by Dr. Tamdin Sither Bradley, graduate of the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute in Dharamsala, India.
J├╝rgen Aschoff's Tibet Bookmania
International Bibliography of Tibetan Medicine. Multilingual site. Ulm, Germany.
Articles, commentary, clinical resources. Maintained by Eliot Tokar. New York, New York.
Tibetan Medicine
News and conference information. Maintained by Pro-Cultura, Pleasantville, New York.
Tibetan Medical Paintings from the Blue Beryll
Dharmapala Centre School of Thangka Painting. Multilingual site. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tibetan Medicine
Traditional teachings, spiritual basis of Tibetan medicine, news, resources. Maintained by Terry Halwes, New Haven, Connecticut.
Dr. Garma
Basic principals and structure of Tibetan Medicine including conduct, diet, treatment, disease, and conception.
Healing Buddha Foundation (Segyu Gaden Dhargye Ling)
Centers for healing and the preservation of the Segyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Techniques used in the clinics are based on Buddhist psychology and Tibetan Tantric Medicine. Sebastopol, California.
Yuthog Foundation for Tibetan Medicine
Center for training in Tibetan medicine. Founded by Amchi Tsewang Smanla in his home village Nurla near Leh, Ladakh (India). Multilingual site.
Land of Medicine Buddha
Non-profit retreat center gives courses in qigong, yoga, Buddhist teachings. Lama Thubten Yeshe, founder. Soquel, California.
Information and research on Tibetan medicine, medicine Buddha and tantric teachings. Dr. Nyima Youdon Namseling answers your health questions.
Tibetan Pulsing Western Australia
Bodywork developed from secret Tibetan teachings uses the pulse-beat of the heart to transform pain into pleasure. Sudeva, practitioner. Fremantle, Washington.
The Art of Healing Film explains the holistic practice of Tibetan medicine
San Francisco Chronicle article by Laura Evenson.
Tibetan Pulsing International
History, techniques and group processes. Founded by Dheeraj (James Rudolph Murley).
Calm Spirit Magazine Online
Articles and FAQs on Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Maintained by Steven C. Hollifield, Jupiter, Florida.
The Art of Healing: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective
Article by Bonnie Pasqualoni.
Twilight Bridge - Fountain of Youth
This site gives an account of an ancient Tibetan secret which allows staying young forever with the practice of five rites. Includes a forum, stress management information and psychiatric related resources.
Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute of H. H. the Dalai Lama
Promotes the traditional Tibetan medical system including Himalayan herbs, constitutional nutrition, cleansing, massage, right lifestyle, and Tibetan astrology. College located in Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala, India.
Tibetan Medicine
Article describes the four tantras of Tibetan medicine.
Meridian Medical Group
Dr. Raymond Chang practices traditional Asian healing with conventional medicine in New York City. Traditional Tibetan medicine consultation by Dr. Choeying Phuntsok available.
International Tibetan Medical Association (ITMA)
Organization formed to advance and strengthen the recognition of traditional Tibetan healing practices through advocacy and education. Based in Valley Cottage, New York.
Kohala Natural Healing Arts
Hosts Tibetan medicine retreats in Hawi, Hawaii under direction of Men Tsee Khang College of Tibetan Medicine.
Dutch Foundation for Tibetan Medicine
FAQs, links, scientific research, books. Clinics in Amsterdam and Emst, The Netherlands. Multilingual site.
Sacred Land Initiative Healing Centre
High altitude medical herb plantation, pharmacy, clinic and research center at Namche Bazar, Solu Khumbu, Nepal. A project of the Tengboche Monastery.
Tara Rokpa: Traditional Tibetan Medicine
Describes history and origins, principles, diagnosis, treatment methods, and materia medica.

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