Web Pages
Provides information on Pig Health, Swine Diseases, Hog Welfare and Pork Safety. Has nearly 1000 articles and links on the subject matter and has a comprehensive book shop on pig topics.
International Pigletter
A monthly newsletter and acollection of swine production information from around the world through the Pig World Library.
Alpharma Animal Health's Reporcin site
Information about Alpharma Animal Health and Reporcin (porcine growth product).
Antwi Farms
Providing various free research papers on swine diseases and regular updates.
Hog Cholera
An article on Hog Cholera.
Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease
Practical manual providing detailed information on pigs, hogs, swine. This 600+ page book, written by Mike Muirhead and Tom Alexander is written in an easily understandable format and is aimed at everyone involved in swine production, from the farmer to the professional. Web site gives book contents and has an order form.
Disease of Swine
Directory of links to information on many of the diseases in swine.

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