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Hydrogenated Oils: The Silent Killers
Discusses the effects of hydrogenated oils in the human diet, with numerous references to scientific studies.
Lipid Clinic News
Offers online nutrition news, research summaries, low fat and cholesterol lowering recipes and menus for a longer, healthier life.
Dr. Gonzalez's Nutritional Regimen
Drs. Nicholas Gonzalez and Linda Isaacs offer an aggressive nutritional protocol for patients with Cancer and other degenerative diseases. Clinical trials are currently underway.
Heart Disease and Cancer Prevention
Article referencing scientific studies on soy protein and its role in preventing heart disease and cancer.
Trans Fatty Acids
Two clearly written views on the health effects of trans fatty acids. Links to the food industry rebuttal. Food and nutrition tips.
Chronic Disease Prevention
Information from the CDC including classes of chronic diseases, conditions, behaviors, populations affected, and publications concerning disease precautions.
Nutrition Screening Initiative
Nutrition checklist designed to alert individuals, family members, and phsicians to conditions that may lead to malnutrition, particularly in the aged.
Please Pass the Disease Prevention
Article on use of designer foods and antioxidants to prevent diseases, from Purdue University.
Topics include nutritional advice and tips for preventing heart diseases, diabetes, and other common ailments.
Gives listings of certain foods that aid in reducing cancer cells and bacteria in the immune system. Also has links to health sites.
Seek Wellness - Nutrition and Disease
Information about the role of food and nutrition in various disease states.
Alternative Natural Health
Discusses how natural trace elements in the diet can prevent cancers, Arthritis, MS, Leukemia and most autoimmune diseases.
A new federal resource providing accurate scientific information on nutrition and dietary guidance for the public.
The Tufts University Nutrition Commentator: Disease Prevention
Critical commentary on studies that are published in professional journals regarding nutrition in disease prevention.
Book Review: Nutrition and Mental Illness
Review of book: "Nutrition and Mental Illness by Carl Pfeiffer, PhD., M.D. - subtitle: "An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry". Curing mental problems via megadoses of vitamins and minerals.
Angels Cancer Fighting Kitchen
Cancer fighting recipes, foods, and spices. An all natural recipe archive for cancer patients, and disease prevention. No meat, no poultry, no fish, no eggs, no dairy, no white flour, no sugar, no preservatives.
Coconut Connections, Ltd
Researched information about the health benefits of coconut oil in the diet. Information on hypothyroidism, weight loss, and improved skin care. Learn about the antiviral and antibacterial properties of lauric acid, a major component of coconut oil. UK importer. Distributing in the UK and rest of Europe.
Acu-Cell Disorders: Nutritional Causes, Prevention & Remedies
Features an alphabetical list of common Medical Disorders, and how they relate to nutritional excesses and deficiencies.
Alternative Nutritional Bio Medicine
An alternative healthcare and alternative medicine research program specializing in wellness through proper nutrition. Offers testing to analyze current state of health and individualized wellness programs to address nutritional needs.
Food Issues in Human and Veterinary Medicine
This site addresses the vital relationship between foods and the diseases that plague mankind and their pets, including allergies and autoimmune disorders.
Osteoporosis Online: Prevention: Calcium and Vitamin D
Provides information on the relationship between calcium and osteoporosis. Explores supplements, vegetarian diets, and how to maximize calcium intake through diet.
Essential Fatty Acids
Explanation of the fatty acids that are healthy. Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids and which foods they can be found in.

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