Web Pages
Animal Science Program at SWFREC
We conduct research and disseminate information through Extension programs to assist Florida’s livestock industry to achieve efficient production.
Animal Health Publications
A series of animal health manuals written by veterinarians for dairy producers, cattle ranchers and horse owners.
Net Vet
Covering a variety of health and management issues for small ruminants.
Diseases Acquired From Sheep and Goats
List only.
IACUC Learning Module - Blood Values mg/100 mi
Normal values for horses, cows, pigs and sheep.
IACUC Learning Module - Physiological Data
Normal physiological signs and symptoms. Including blood count for horses, cows, pigs and sheep.
Neb Guide
This NebGuide discusses reasons why vaccinations fail to provide immunity against disease, and how to prevent this from happening.
Indiana Board of Animal Health
This is the web site for the state Board of Animal Health.
Farm Doc
Includes farm related information such as finance, management, and farm decision making under risk through education and research.
Canadian Animal Health Coalition
Canadian livestock health and biosecurity information, newsletter subscription.
USAHA: Sheep and Goats
United States Animal Health Association links to information about sheep/goat diseases/health.
Utah State Ag Publications
Publications in electronic format, PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
Fundamentals of Livestock Entomology
Common insect and mite pests of livestock and pets in Kansas sorted according to type of animal affected.
Small Ruminant Publications and Links
Auburn University Department of Animal Science's list of on-line resources regarding health, reproduction and management of small ruminants.
North Carolina State University - Department of Animal Science
Beef cattle, sheep, and goat research information.
U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations
Features animal movement regulations for each US state and national animal import and export regulations for many countries.

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