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Laser Pointer Advisory
Summary of laser pointer operation, issues, recent newsworthy events, and safety recommendations.
Elements of Laser Safety
Mainly discusses how the human body, especially the eye, can be affected by various freqencies of laser radiation.
Safety Recommendations of Laser Pointers
The use of laser diode pointers and their safety.
Rockwell Laser Industries
Laser safety consulting, training and a full line of safety products including eyewear, barriers, signs, hazard analysis software and instructional materials. Site includes much safety related information.
Laser Pens Have Safety-minded Seeing Red
Summarizes some worries about laser pointers.
Lasers in Health Care
Questions and answers on the use of lasers in health care.
Laser Safety And The Eye
The unprotected human eye is extremely sensitive to laser radiation and can be permanently damaged from direct or reflected beams. The site of ocular damage for any given laser depends upon its output wavelength.
Laser Safety Manual
Complete manual from University of Alabama-Birmingham.
Laser Pointer Information Sheet
The misuse of laser pointers (sometimes referred to as laser pens) reported in the press has generated public concern over the safety of these devices. The following provides basic information on the properties of laser radiation, the different laser classes and summarises NRPB's position on the issue of the safety of laser pointers.
Laser Pointer Safety
Bulletin prepared by the Laser Institute of America.
Laser Safety Information
Summary of laser safety information.
Laser Safety Information Bulletin
Prepared by the Laser Institute of America's Laser Safety Committee to educate new laser users on the concerns and issues related to laser safety.
Laser Safety Manual
University of Pennsylvania laser safety manual.
Laser Pointers
Overview of the dangers of the device and information on its safe use. - A Brief Guide to Laser Safety
General rules and precautions with references for further reading.

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