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Toddler Tips
A helpful resource for parents of toddlers, offering short and concise parenting, health and safety tips.
Choosing Child Care
Providing parents and caregivers with tips and suggestions for finding quality child care.
Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Care
This site offers advice for new parents that may be totally confused and don't know what to do.
Your New Baby
Advice on new baby care, including what to do when your baby cries, when your baby will sleep through the night and how to find child care.
Dealing with a Crying Infant
Information and advice regarding what to do with a crying baby, including why newborns cry, what's normal, and tips on how to quiet a them.
Montessori Parenting
Information on creating a loving and supportive environment for your new baby and young child with Montessori techniques.
Parenting Babies and Toddlers
A comprehensive guide to all aspects of parenting babies and toddlers, including child development, health and safety.
Dr. Sears Says
A weekly advice column from Dr. William Sears. Join Dr. Sears on the message board to ask your baby and toddler health questions and review previous replies. [AOL and Parenting customers only]
Ask the Pediatrician
A online message forum where you can ask a parenting or medical question about your children's health, diet, growth, development, and nutrition.
Pediatric Oncall- Jaundice in newborn
Provides information about jaundice and the danger signs that a parent should know.
Ask a Pediatrician
A listing of pediatricians, and other health care professionals, who are available online to ask questions about your children's health and development.
Baby Development Advice from Dr. Anita Sethi
Monthly column focusing on common questions regarding growing babies. Topics include mental growth, social development, physical well-being, sleep, and special needs. [only available to AOL and Parenting customers]
Toddlers -
Pediatric expert Dr. Alan Greene provides guidelines and tips to help you care for your toddler.
Parent Education
A wealth of hints & tips on raising children, with information on attachment parenting with common sense & mutual respect for both child and parent.
Fussy Baby Index
Get help dealing with a fussy baby, including ways to soothe and calm your baby when he is fussy and reasons why babies fuss.
Children's Dr PlainTalk
A forum where new and expecting parents can ask questions about common medical problems in children.

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