Web Pages - Professional Directory
World's largest online directory of mental health professionals with over 500,000 entries listed. Searchable on many criteria.
International directory and referral service containing personalized listngs of therapists and mental health professionals worldwide. Service is free to both professionals and the public. Online, etherapy services available.
Offers an extensive network of therapists and knowledge of local resources. Helps people connect with the most appropriate mental health assistance.
Licensed Therapists.Com
Provides a comfortable way to select a marriage or family therapist, clinical social worker, or mental health counselor.
Christian Counseling Center Referral Network
Links people looking for help with professional, licensed Christian therapists. Use of this site is free.
Search the mental health directory to find a mental health professional in your city. Only NY and OH web pages are currently available, although you can search by state for listings.
Comprehensive list of phone numbers of national mental health associations and help lines to help find the right counselor for you.
National Registry of Licensed Psychotherapists and Counselors
Search for a therapist or counselor anywhere in the U.S.
Directory of Mental Health Professionals
Directory of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors, and other therapists. Search by location.
Mental Health Matters
Locate a counselor, find a therapist. Resources and information, telephone counselors, alternative treatment, local mental health professionals, specialists including DID.
NLP and Time Line Therapy Resources
An international listing of counsellors, therapists, alternative health care professionals, consultants, and social workers, who use NLP as part of their practice.
Womentherapy - A Women's Psychotherapy Network
Network and referral service listings of women and feminist psychotherapists in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.
All About Counseling
Information about therapy, self-help, professionals, mental health resources, and anonymous discussions.
T.R.E.T.ment Christian Counselor Leasing Services
A new Christian counselor service where organizations (schools, churches, funeral services, mental health facilities, medical services and treatment centers) can lease the services (part-time or full time)of a Christian counselor trained in Rational Emotive Spiritual Therapy (REST).
Therapist UK
The United Kingdom database of therapeutic practitioners contains individual therapeutic practitioners, centres, clinics, therapeutic training, and events. Searchable by name, county or by therapeutic orientation.
A Directory of Grief and Loss Professionals
A thorough directory of mental health professionals specializing in grief and loss issues.
Therapy Network
Non-profit organization in San Francisco Bay Area, which provides information about psychotherapy and free referrals to licensed therapists.
Mental Health Treatment Centers
Treatment facilities for the treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse, addictions, psychiatric disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and emotional and behavior problems. Search by state.
UK Therapists
Offer a counselling/therapist directory for finding a therapist of your choice.
Therapy Index
Directory of counsellors and psychotherapists, books, helpline information and events. For practitioners and those interested in therapy.
The International Registry of Rapid Eye Technicians
A directory of qualified professionals who practice rapid eye technology, a stress relief therapy based on eye movement and blinking.
Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web
Directory of mental health professionals around the world and their practice and networking specialties.
Find a Psychologist Directory and Referral Service
Free referral service to locate the right professional psychologist. Online and phone counseling available.
Psyfidential's Clinical Registry of Psychotherapists
A free database of psychotherapists which can be searched via a variety of criteria (geography, practice emphasis, or financial arrangements).
Therapy World
On-line therapy and teleclasses. Directory of therapists and coaches. Coaching and teleclasses for family and professionals.
Therapist Finder
Mental health, wellness and disability resources and a directory of all types of therapists (including massage and physical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage therapists), a mental health glossary, wellness journal, and self-help resources.
Provides a way to confidentially identify and select a psychotherapist ideally suited to your needs.
Help Guide
Information and sources of help for mental health, emotional problems, substance abuse, Alzheimer’s, dementia, caring for the elderly, and healthy aging.
Therapists in Oregon Directory
Comprehensive list of marriage and family therapists, counselors, mental health nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers in the state of Oregon and SW Washington.
Therapist Locator
Directory to assist in locating a qualified marriage and family therapist. All therapists are clinical members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
African AmericanTherapists
Find Black therapists in major cities. Arrange online counseling. Learn about therapy. Get problem-solving ideas on relationships, parenting, moods, life management and current health news for the African American community.
Mental Health Net - Clinicians Yellow Pages
Search for a therapist by state, territory, or mental health condition.
Therapist Referral Network
A searchable directory of licensed therapists. Search for individual, couple, family and group therapy with various criteria.
Birts and Associates National Counseling and Referral Services
Offers spiritual counseling and referrals for drug and alcohol issues, domestic violence prevetion, anger management, and sexual abuse issues.
Referrals and resources for people suffering with sexual addictions.
Features listings of qualified counselors and therapists in communities across the United States.
Counselling - A Registered Charity Caring for Emotional Health
Register of UK counsellors in name and location order showing level of training, the name and location of university or college where they trained, and date training started and ended.
The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory
The FMC directory provides news related to family and marriage counseling as well as a nationwide directory of therapists.
Psychotherapists and Counsellors Association of Western Australia, Inc.
Information about counselling and psychotherapy including how to choose a therapist and a directory outlining the professional profiles of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in Western Australia. (List in PDF format)
Provides "e-referrals for face-to-face therapy." With a nationwide directory of over 200,000 licensed therapists, they connect consumers to the mental health professional that best meets their personalized goals.
Clinician Directory
Allows visitors to search and locate health and mental health clinicians. Service is available online, over the phone, and in the providers' office.
Psychology Today's Therapy Directory
Read personal profiles and see specialties. Search by city, state, or zip code.
American Therapy Association (ATA) Referral Service
Free referral service to help consumers choose an appropriate therapist. Licensed psychologists and counselors are screened, interviewed, and then approved. Service includes phone consultation, assessment, and referral.
American Directory of Mental Health Services
Provides a comprehensive list of United States mental health professionals and centers categorized by city and state.

The origins of the Medpage Directory is based on the Open Directory