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National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Research Institute
The NASMHPD Research Institute studies issues related to the delivery of public mental health services and responds to current needs by applying research findings to the management of state mental health programs.
Center for the Study of Mental Health Policies and Services
(CSMHPS). The Center was established in 1996 to increase the development of high-quality social work research in an active program of public mental health research. It promotes research for children and adults with major mental illness at both the systems and intervention level with particular emphasis on consumer centered services.
Vanderbilt Center for Mental Health Policy
The focus of the Center is on child, adolescent and family mental health services research. There are sixteen senior investigators engaged at the Center on mental health issues working in multidisciplinary teams; they represent the specialties of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, economics, policy analysis, pediatrics, and statistics.
Policy Research Associates
Research group offering comprehensive services - applied research, policy analysis, evaluation studies, knowledge development and application, and technical assistance - with a primary focus on mental health services.
Center for the Study of Issues in Public Mental Health
The Center for the Study of Issues in Public Mental Health seeks to improve the outcomes of public mental health programs and promote the integration of research, policy and practice in public mental health.
National Technical Assistance Center
NTAC provides on-site technical assistance to individual states and regions on all issues of importance to mental health planning, service delivery, and evaluation.
Office of Science Policy and Program Planning - NIMH
OSPPP provides advice and guidance to the NIMH Director and senior Institute staff concerning science policy; strategic planning; program planning and evaluation; other special crosscutting science programs; knowledge exchange; and technology and information transfer.
Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research
The CMHPSR researches the organization, financing, and management structure of mental health care systems and the delivery of mental health services and provides consultation and technical support to those individuals and programs involved in implementing system change. The Center has attempted to use the results of its research and evaluation efforts to inform the decision making of public policy makers at local, state, and national levels.
Consortium for Applied Research in Mental Health
Paints a picture of psychiatric deinstitutionalization using primarily Southwestern Ontario as a "natural laboratory". Multi-disciplinary research program.

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