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Dr. David Coombs - Telephone Counseling
Telephone counselor who offers Christian and non-Christian counseling therapy sessions for children, teens, or adults who are experiencing depression, grief, anxiety or stress management reduction, or low self-esteem.
Telephone Therapy (Psychotherapy) with Dr. Mark Sehl
Psychotherapy by telephone. (New York) Information on relationships, how therapy works, parenting, mental health research, and aging.
Holbrook Associates
Counseling, psychotherapy, and referrals by telephone from Pennsylvania. The pros and cons of phone counseling discussed.
Telephone Counselor Mental Health Professional
Telephone counseling by a licensed mental health professional provides an alternative means of emotional support for people who cannot get to a therapist's office, for whatever the reason. Help is available.
New Outlook
Your chance to talk to professional psychotherapist and career counselor through e-mail and phone. Professional and confidental. Counseling, career and mentoring services.
The Help Line
Telephone counseling 24 hours a day for alcololism, drugs, depression, drug abuse, alcohol, rape, AIDS, insomnia, stress, cocaine, subtance abuse, cancer, and suicide.
Delete Stress
Overcome anxiety, stress, panic, phobias, fear of flying and more with Dr. Luann Linquist. Phone counseling available.
A professional telephone counselling and consultation service. Provides advice and coaching on dating, relationships, family development, stress management and personal and spiritual growth.
My Therapy Network
Therapy service connecting clients with therapists nationwide. Clients get to talk live to a licensed therapist in their state for immediate confidential counseling and advice.
Dr. Ann Viviano
New York based psychologist, using the principles of spiritual, behavioral and cognitive psychology, can help with mental health issues through counseling. Telephone therapy.
National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Crisis Line
Counselors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Immediate Counseling for Fear of Flying
Immediate professional counseling and therapy for fear of flying by airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn LCSW. Service is intended to meet the needs of people stranded at an airport unable to board an airplane, and for people whose anxiety becomes excessive as a flight date approaches.
Dr. Cat Saunders, Ph.D.
Counseling services and healing help via telephone consultation or in office located in Seattle WA. Author of A Compassionate Guide for Being Human.
Center For Personal Development - Dr Gary Stollman
Specializing in telephone and face-to-face (California)counseling, treating individuals.
Looking For Advice
Advice and crisis counseling. Help with personal problems, coping with illness and disabilities, relationship and life issues.
Phone Psychology
Personalized self-motivational programs or toll free. Licensed professional, over 20 years experience helping people.
Let's Talk Hotline
Telephone advice and counseling. Center has intervened in hundreds of potential crisis in which violent acts where never carried out. Mission is to stop the killings in our schools, our families and communities.
Call a Therapist
National network of thoroughly screened, experienced, qualified therapists to help and insure that your concerns are addressed in the most professional way possible.
Connie Zweig Counseling
A counselor in Los Angeles with an extensive telephone counseling service. The co-author of Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow.
Anxiety and Fear
Rapid release of PTSD, anxieties and phobias. Telephone consultations.
Offering help from both amateur and professional counselors.
Agrophobia, Panic Attack and Anxiety Phone Counseling
Counseling via phone for agrophobia, panic attacks, and anxiety disorders.
ACT Professional Counseling
Counseling by phone from anywhere in North America. Counselor, Robert J. Heard, M.A., B.C.E.T.S.
Meridian LDC
A private, quality telephone counselling and life coaching service offered by fully-qualified, caring professionals. Based in Australia, telephone counsellors, therapists and life coaches are available to domestic and International clients.
Therapist By Phone
Professional psychotherapy and counseling done over the phone by a licensed professional psychotherapist. Confidential, secure, and convenient choice for therapy.
Help-Online Phone Counseling
Providing mental health care over the phone and Internet by a group of psychiatric nurses.
Pschotherapy Information and Consulting (PIC)
Telephone therapy makes it easier for some people to begin psychotherapy. Telephone therapy can be conducted from one's home, and, in some instances, from one's office.
Breathing Space
A free, confidential phone-line to call when feeling down or stressed. UK based.
Personal Solutions
Private and confidential phone counseling. Intuitive counseling.
Harborside Mental Health and Mediation
Offers tele-therapy. Calls are handled by licensed professionals and are confidential.
Counsellor Plus
A Melbourne, Australia based multi-clinic psychological practice that offers 24 hour telephone counselling. All therapists have high qualifications and years of experience.
All Family Solutions
Infants through the elderly, traditional or non-traditional, teen parents or grandparents raising grandchildren, find answers to questions regarding a wide variety of mental health issues.
A Therapy Line
Counseling and psychotherapy by telephone (toll free) with licensed psychologist Gary Rosenblatt. Offering help with relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and personal growth.
Qualified mental health, relationship, and chemical dependency specialists offering anonymous and confidential services by telephone.
Next Step Now
ADD coaching services including professional adults and graduate students.
1 to 1 Phone Counselling
Offers a process oriented psychology approach. It is a private, effective, and convenient way to solve problems, such as physical symptoms, psychological difficulties, or relationship conflicts.
Practical Life Counseling
Ordained metaphysical counselor with Master's in Holistic Psychology and 30 years experience, offers telephone consults for deep healing. Meditation training and shadow work are specialties.
The Therapy Network
A group of dedicated counselors who provide support, guidance, and advice by phone. Provides specialized counseling services for individuals and families dealing with life-altering medical issues or health concerns.
Phone Support
A phone counselling service available to those in the UK who seek pofessional help. Choose from a list of available phone counsellors.
Woman to Woman
Professional, affordable counseling by a woman for women by telephone. Counseling on issues of depression, anxiety, marriage and relationships.
Spiritual Counseling by C. N. Rodgers
Offering services at the intuitive and psychic levels both in person and over the phone.
Mike Anderson Coaching
Provides telephone coaching for ADHD or ADD.

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