Foot and Mouth Disease         
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Johne's Disease or Paratuberculosis
Origin, diagnosis and eradication.
Brucellosis Fact Sheet
Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can be passed from animals, such as cows, sheep and goats, to humans.
Diagnostic Tests
Report about small ruminants for lentivirus infections, caseous, lymphadenitis and johne's. Sheep and Goats.
Prion Diseases
Information about scrapie and other diseases in which a protein is the infective agent.
Q Fever Pages
Links to information about Q fever, a bacterial zoonosis, disease capable of being transmitted from animals to people caused by coxiella burnetii, a rickettsial organism.
Rift Valley Fever
A mosquito-borne virual disease leading to serious economic losses in livestock, particularly sheep. Transmission, symptoms, related links.
Johne’s disease
Information about bovine (cattle) and ovine (goat) Johne's disease and its control in New South Wales.
Animal Diseases : University of Nebraska
Articles on specific livestock diseases.
Illini Biosecurity Website
Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), Bovine Spongiform Encepalopathy University of Illinois Extension and Illinois TRAILL's information on biosecurity and livestock diseases that are in the news.
BSE: TSE Questions and Answers
Easy to read information about incidence of BSE in the UK as well as about the transmission and control of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, more commonly known as "scrapie", in sheep and goats.
Clinical signs that can be found in sheep, goats, cattle and humans. Includes treatments that are described.
Cheesy Gland
Causes, spread, symptoms, and prevention of CLA in sheep and goats.
Screw-worm Fly
Serious threat to pastoral industries, occurs in almost all tropical countries except Australia. Its life cycle and potential impact on cattle, sheep, dogs and humans are described.

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