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Pregnancy Information
Westside Crisis Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy related information, including fetal development, prenatal health, pregnancy hazards, single parenting facts, and domestic violence information. Also includes resources for the Los Angeles area.
Broad information on family planning and pre-pregnancy needs.
Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guide
A guide to fetal development and maternal changes, from StorkNet.
Explore the many mental and emotional dimensions in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories, and late-breaking headlines.
Mercy House
Aiding pregnant women who have alienated from their families and without support.
Information for Pregnant Women
Offering nutrition suggestions from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, and the FDA.
Care Net
List of services offered which include abortion information, pregnancy assistance, tests and free help for women and babies in trouble. Also contains a locator service to help find the closest Care Net or crisis pregnancy center.
Pregnancy and labour, pre-pregnancy care and preparation for pregnancy and mother and baby. A wide range of medical information written by a leading UK obstetrician and your questions answered.
The BabySite
Personal information about pregnancy and birth, as well as contributions from people around the world.
Family Care International
Dedicated to improving women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing countries, with a special emphasis on making pregnancy and childbirth safer.
Mother and Child Health
Information on prenatal, postpartum and pediatric health. Topics include herbal medicine, nutrition, and natural parenting.
ABCs of Pregnancy
An online textbook for those expecting; as well as information on childbirth, and baby care.
Addresses symptoms, exercise, nutrition, ovulation, stages, baby names, and baby tips.
I Dream of Baby
Guide for getting pregnant, maintaining a healthy pregnancy and coping with miscarriage.
Baby's Play
Interactive pregnancy site with pregnancy clubs, pregnancy chats, pen pals, and birth stories.
Offering medical information on the signs, symptoms and stages of pregnancy. Services include a pregnancy due date calendar and a personal support forum.
The Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy Page
An information source focusing on conception to after the baby is born. Includes message boards.
Pregnancy and fertility tools, which include a personalized interactive basal body temperature chart and ovulation calendars.
The Due Date Club
Planning information, due date calculator, names, bulletin board and chat.
Includes information on pregnancy, birth, a new baby or new parents.
Conception guide which includes week by week pregnancy calendar, due date calculator, birth plan creator, ultrasound, labor and birth picture galleries.
Your Baby Today
A panel of nationally known experts answer questions, and discuss nutrition. Also includes baby development guides and interactive tools for pregnant women and new mothers.
Discusses different aspects of pregnancy and birth. Includes fun activities such as guessing the baby's sex and choosing a name.
Drugs in Pregnancy
Risk of fetal harm after exposure to specific drugs and vaccines. Recommendations for breast feeding.
Pregnancy and being-a-mother information from the UK. From planning to the baby's first year.
The British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society
Encouraging improved standards of care, and providing advice on Maternal and Fetal Medicine training.
Mother and Baby
A community midwife and mother of two answers FAQs on pregnancy, labour and child care.
Information about fitness and exercise during pregnancy, including articles, advice and links to top exercise.
Expecting: Over 40
Information for women 40 and older who are trying to conceive, currently pregnant or have small children to gain support, understanding and knowledge amongst other women such as themselves.
Online Birth Center: Midwifery, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding
Resources for midwives, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, and parents.
Perinatal Education Associates, Inc.
Information for expectant parents as well as doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives.
The Baby Corner
Information and advice to parents with articles on pregnancy and parenting topics, and advice from doctors. There is also a community option for parents to interact with each other.
Crisis Pregnancy Network
A listing of the Centers. Search for listings in the United States and throughout the world.
An easy to use date calculator to see when a baby might be due.
Weekly articles, links, advice and tips.
NewsRx Report Series on Pregnancy Research
The latest information and news published in a report format.
About Newborn Screening
Information, including educational resources, and useful links expanding the awareness of the benefits of newborn screening.
NewsRx Report Series on Fetal Medicine Research
Up-to-date medical research.
Provides information and articles about pregnancy, such as a due date calculator. Includes discussion board.
Authoritative answers to hundreds of questions on every aspect of having a baby. Covers every stage of pregnancy and childbirth, from planning for pregnancy to the baby's first six weeks.
Pregnancy Symptoms
A listing of common symptoms experienced by pregnant women, divided by trimester. Includes details of how the pregnant woman's body changes and how the fetus develops.
All about Pregnancy
Information and answers to frequently asked questions on topics such as birth, breastfeeding and pre-conception diet.
Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth
Articles, discussions and links related to natural childbirth and pregnancy.
Precious Times
A group of message boards and information dealing with all aspects of pregnancy, birth and babies.
Mayo Clinic: Prenatal Health
Information on conception, prenatal health, pregnancy complications, reproductive health, and newborn care.
An Information Resource
A place to come to find out about treatments and services on topics ranging from infertility treatments to pain relief during labour.
InteliHealth - Pregnancy
Offering a host of information on everything from fertility to nutrition, including a due date calculator.
Unplanned Pregnancy
Support for unplanned pregnancy, whether the mother-to-be is undecided or has made the choice of abortion or adoption.
Principal Health News
Provides information on current news, testing options, diet and exercise, health care, and birth.
Pregnancy Not Always Obvious
The beginning of a pregnancy is the most critical time for both the mother and the developing baby.
Beyond Fertility
Articles relating to preconception, general pregnancy issues, and childbirth.
Pregnancy Health Center
Offering articles on labor and delivery, ultrasound, complications and other aspects.
British Columbia Childbirth
Information on prenatal ultrasound, informed consent, breastfeeding and doula certification.
Baby names, pregnancy planning, and breastfeeding. Includes forums, chat, polls and articles.
Midwives for Mothers
Resource for pregnancy information, complications, testing and preconception. Offers articles and information provided written by midwives.
Pregnancy--General Health Promotion
Offering answers to frequently asked questions on pregnancy and childbirth.
Pregnancy A to Z
Online diary and photo album to keep track of pregnancy, message board and weight gain chart. Includes articles and video.
Maternity Care Calendar
Supports clinicians providing prenatal care, and as a foundation for education.
OB Calculator
Offering a gestational age table showing the weeks + days for every day of a pregnancy. Includes shareware computer program.
Interactive tools relating to pregnancy, articles, and weekly guide for growth and development.
Offering a database of generic and trade medication information regarding fetal risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also includes risk category according to the FDA.
Due date information, parenting advice, baby care, and labor information.
Anatomy of the Pregnancy and Fetus
Articles about the developing fetus, pregnancy, the navel, fetal positions and the placenta.
About Pregnancy
A week by week calendar, prenatal testing information, breastfeeding, labor, signs and symptoms.
American Baby
Offering pregnancy and baby information. Includes names, a calendar, week-by-week development updates, and illness guide.
March of Dimes: Pregnancy and Newborns
Provides pregnancy information, pre-conception suggestions, and an interactive game designed to learn about pregnancy.
Fit Pregnancy Magazine Online
A guide for Moms-to-be with tips on pregnancy, nutrition, fitness, exercises, baby care and weight loss.
Maternal/Child Health
Information for patients and health care providers on prenatal care, infertility treatment, treating complications of spontaneous or induced abortion, postpartum care, and related topics.
Perinatal Health in the United States
Developed by the March of Dimes, this site provides maternal, infant, and child heath-related data at the state level.
A Baby Resource
Directory of information and resources. Women's Issues
Offering information regarding options of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, including keeping the baby, adoption, and abortion.
MaterCare International ( MCI )
Non-profit Canadian organization which develops new initiatives in maternal health care, with special attention to the most neglected mothers in poor countries.

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