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Motivation Resource Center
Motivational resources including free newsletter, more than 50 motivational quotation lists, motivational bookstore, personal growth exercises, coaching, and a wealth of other inspirational material.
Positive Projections
Stories and resources that emphasize what's really important, how to make it part of life, and enjoy it once it's there.
Neil Eskelin's Daily Jump Start
A 200-word daily spark of motivation from author and motivational speaker Neil Eskelin. Features RealPlayer streaming audio/video, along with helpful links and product information.
The Motivational Mecca - Motivation & Inspiration 24/7
Comprehensive library of topics relating to motivation, inspiration and self-help. Offers newsletters, stories, quotes, classifieds, and a motivation search engine.
Words of Wisdom
Monthly newsletter and quotations.
Rapid Personal Growth
Rapid learning library featuring articles by leading motivational experts and 3-minute BestStep audio mini-seminars.
Jim Rohn and Associates
The home of one of the most popular motivational speakers. Motivational quotes and stories, as well as products from Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and others.
Positive Attitude Institute
Motivational stories and quotes, success seminars, and a daily personal guide to health, happiness, and success.
Techniques to strengthen your motivation to start and complete any project.
Motivation and Inspiration
A wide variety of links and articles, as well as discussion boards on numerous motivational topics.
Motivating Moments
Motivational quotes, inspiring stories, and motivational posters for sale. Visitor contributions are welcome.
Apple Seeds
Provides quotations and short stories from eclectic sources that promote positive attitudes and development of holistic human dignity.
Waitley Institute
Offers an email newsletter, interactive tools to aid personal growth, and information about Denis Waitley.
Harvey Mackay
Motivational author focusing on business issues. Features articles, weekly column, daily quotes, and bookstore.
InnerSelf Reflections
Stories, articles and information about personal growth. Online bookstore, newsletter, and many helpful links.
Bright Spots
Motivational stories, greetings and gifts.
The Power of "Why Not?"
Real-life stories about the overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
Everything Motivational
A variety of resources, including quotation database, newsletters, discussion forum, classified ads, posters, and biographies of motivational people.
Daily Motivator
Brief daily e-mail messages of motivation and personal development, as well as an online motivational library and images.
Top Achievement
Goal setting, motivation and the art of self help. Includes Personal Achievement Quote of the Day, articles, classifieds and discussion groups.
Ziglar Training Systems
Official site for motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. Offers e-mail newsletter and product store.
The Game of Living
Distilled from the thoughts of history's greatest minds, and illustrated by anecdotes from today's world, this collection of stories is designed to add to your fortunes and your happiness.
Positive Path Network
Offers a variety of motivational and inspirational articles from a network of authors, speakers and life coaches.
Totally Unique Thoughts
Life itself is the ultimate Adventure! Sign up for Monday Morning Motivator email, read testimonials, and join the Adventurers Club. Books, t-shirts and other motivational products, as well as e-cards and bulletin boards.
True Insights
Resource to help build a foundation for personal success, including "Pearls of Wisdom" quotes, illuminating stories, inspirational poetry and pictures, Collective Journey newsletter.
Happy Place
Everything about happiness, from the viewpoint that happiness is natural to humans, and is an important part of the immune system. Thought Starters to motivate happy musings, weekly self-help newsletter about happiness.
Dare to Believe
Motivational e-zine, articles, and online tutorial.
Absolutely Positive
Positive and motivational quotes about life, success, courage and confidence. Poems, stories, and user forum.
Tracy's Motivational Page
Daily Motivator quotation, an extensive library of motivational quotes organized by category, and numerous uplifting stories.
Positive Vibrations
Positive trends and directions, good news, senseless optimism, creativity, humor, and good feelings. Includes stories, humor, newsletters and a chat forum.
Optimal Thinking Global Community
Offers personal and professional development using motivational seminars, consultations, and products.
E-mail Affirmations
Self-help and personal growth for everyone interested in reducing stress and enhancing performance. Daily "E-mailAffirmations" are a simple, effective means of positive mental conditioning.
Motivational and inspirational articles and book recommendations about goal setting and successful living.
My Life's Little Secrets
Offers free motivational quotes and sayings ready to print on your choice of backgrounds. E-mail address required to sign into site.
Articles and tips on motivation, inspiration, and finding happiness. Checklists, quotations and free ideas kit.
About Goal Setting
Goal setting explained through 8 concise articles with reviews of software and products.
Motivation and Self Motivation
Offering articles, approaches and strategies.
Way 2 Go
Motivational and inspirational quotes, short stories, articles and poems.
A Visit with Dana LaMon
Details of the work and books of this motivational speaker and author.
Inspirational Quotations Mailing List
Weekly email newsletter of inspirational quotations and motivational messages. Site features newsletter archives going back to 1999.
Get Motivation
Offers creative tools for personal development, newsletters, and inspirational stories.
How To Love Your Life
Self help strategies for a happier life. Free self help advice.
Harness the Power of Your Brain
A collection of articles to motivate people.
The Amazing Momentum Generator
This five week program is designed to create the conditions necessary to generate personal momentum.
Dedicated to recovery, personal development, and growth. Articles and links about seeking new self-awareness, personal change, and growth.
Articles for self-improvement. Motivation, relationships, fitness, business, and other inspiring articles.
Monday Morning Motivation
Motivational messages and quotes.
Offers a free electronic letter with tutorial on self-development and motivation. The author also endorses a motivational e-book, which exemplifies mental assets and critical qualities on self-improvement.
365 Days of Coaching
A motivational message e-mailed daily. Members receive access to the Virtual Community.
Breeze Net's Cheer Up
Collection of motivational stories and quotations.
Cartoon Motivators
Motivational and inspirational cartoon images and positive affirmations to help promote a call to action.
David Stoddard
Home of inspriational writer and motivational speaker-to-be David Stoddard. His free weekly newsletter is inspiring others to live the life they have dreamed.
My 50
Allows the user to create a list of things they wish to achieve in their lifetime, monitor that list, and read others' lists.
Live the Life U Want
Motivational self-help materials by Amit Bhatt.
Friday's Inspiration
Uplifting message, updated weekly. Practical subjects and common sense for all faiths and creeds. Includes chat and message links.
Tame Your Brain
Jan Tincher, hypnotherapist and master neuro-linguistic programmer, offers free articles that teach strategies and techniques to help people live a better, more successful life.
Jason Doll Ministries
A motivational ministry helping others to live their life with a greater achievement of success.
Inspiration and Motivation
Advice, thoughts, and stimulating insight directly from people such as William James and Mother Theresa.
Goal Setting Guide
Information about goal setting and motivation. Includes articles, free online tutorial, and motivational quotes of the day.
Inspirational and motivational stories and pictures.
Affirmations For Personal Growth and Self Improvement
Clinical psychologist describes how to use positive affirmations as a successful self-help tool.
Free twice weekly e-newsletter and a forum providing advice for procrastinators.
Personal development articles, how to ask the most effective questions, goal setting techniques, and positive affirmations.
Betty Carr Motivational Inspirational Speaker
Deals with low self esteem, addictions, and relationship issues. Motivational books available.
The Word Gallery
Motivational message board. Inspirational stories, tips to help on success journies. Newsletter and poetry.
Ego Booster
Offers daily free personalized e-mails to motivate and inspire.
Inspirational Quote for Today
Offers a daily inspirational or motivational quote via the site or email.
National Dream Roundup
An organization dedicated to helping people plant and harvest their dreams. Free newsletter.
Attracting Success
Provides resources for personal growth and self improvement using tools inclucing meditation, NLP, and self-hypnosis. Newsletter and poetry for the soul.
Barefoot on Broken Glass
Self-help guide to achieve personal success by John Timperly
Offers bits of wisdom, short stories, music and art work to soothe the soul.
Home of inspirational writer and coach Steve Brunkhorst's motivational ezine with self-help articles and stories.
Inspired Life Development Community
Information to educate, motivate, inspire and guide people to achieve their goals. Offers news, calendar of events, videos, and programs.
Listen To Motivation
Audio online motivational tapes. Tips, techniques, and ideas that the best life coaches and motivational speakers in the industry use.
Articles to inspire and motivate, plus tips and resources for personal growth, self-help, and wellness. Brings together enthusiasts and experts, buyers and sellers.
26 AlphaBetiCal Ways to Reduce Stress
List of easy things to do to reduce stress to a comfortable level.
A View From The Ridge
Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act. Author Ridgely Goldsborough publishes a heartfelt daily column of inspirational stories.
Born to Motivate
Offers famous and inspirations quotes, success stories, free music, self help and personal growth motivation.
Inspire Me
Collection of famous motivational quotes, poems, stories, and posters.
Motivational Inspirational Solutions
A complete guide to motivational products and programs for self help, health and fitness, personal development and professional advancement. Featuring motivational quotes and poems, information and free products available online.

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