Web Pages
The Parrothouse
Avian nutrition and parrot behavior articles, health care information and recipes.
Information on health, care, illness, injury, well bird exams, diagnostics, systems, the feather donation project, handicapped birds, and a visit to the wild parrots of Tambopata, Peru.
HotSpot For Birds
Reference section has many informative articles on the health and safety of birds.
Heavy Metal Poisoning in Birds
Article by Gillian Willis that describes the toxic effect of heavy metals such as lead, brass and zinc on birds.
Avian Nutrition
A collection of holistic health and diet articles by Dr. Alicia McWatters.
Bird Health
Covering all aspects of bird health, feeding, breeding, racing and showing in a variety of birds. Also providing different health products, books, and videos.
Diseases of Psittacine Birds
Proceedings of the International Virtual Conferences in Veterinary Medicine, 1998.
Bird Health Examination
Details the different examination components and testing procedures.
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
Article by Dr. Garry Cross about the viral disease that can affect all psittacine birds. Includes photos and links to related content.
Zinc and Parrots
Article by Fern Van Sant, from the Proceedings of the International Aviculturists Society, January, 1997. Features details about zinc biology and bird cages.
Diseases of Exotic Animals and Wildlife
Proceedings of the International Virtual Conferences in Veterinary Medicine, 1999.
Geared toward smaller birds, includes articles on avian health, nutrition, toxins and dangerous toy alerts.
Avian Health
Information on nutrition, socialization, cleanliness and safety.
Research Associates Laboratory
Informative, well-illustrated articles on the major avian diseases for which testing is available through this lab.
Avian Health Network Inc
Offers information and support for avian diseases such as exotic newcastle (END) and proventricular dilation disease (PDD), lost or stolen birds, and companion parrot/bird care.
Testing for Zinc in Parrot Toys
Article discussing the problem of zinc toxicity in parrots, including information on how to test metal toy parts for zinc.

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