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Heather's Encopresis Site
A supportive and informational site for families, friends and teachers of encopretic children.
Find answers from the experts at ParentsPlace, to some common misunderstandings of encopresis. How it differs from incontinence and how encopresis develops in children.
Primary Nonretentive Encopresis and Stool Toileting Refusal
Treatment guidelines provided by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Defines encopresis, the causes and how to develop appropriate treatment programs.
University Hospital School provides a definition of what encopresis is, what causes it, how parents can determine if their child is encopretic and developing a treatment program.
Encopresis and Children
Encopresis in children, or fecal soiling, is usually a complication of chronic constipation, and has similar treatments.

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