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Veterinary Radiation Therapy
Sounce of information regarding cancer in animals and its treatment with radiation therapy
The Perseus Foundation Website
A website operated by a non-profit organization interested in supporting basic and clinical research into animal cancer. Provides animal cancer information, and links to available animal cancer clinical trials.
Vet Web - Online consultations
A fee-for-service "ask the vet" website created by Dr. Johnny Hoskins. Also has a free bulletin board for sharing of information between owners.
Veterinary Oncologists by Location
Find a veterinary oncologist close to you with this finder provided by the Perseus Foundation
Animal Cancer Treatment Subsidization Society
A Canadian organization whose mission is to help defray the cost of cancer treatment for animals
Veterinary Radiotherapy Facilities
A database compiled by the Veterinary Cancer Society of facilities for veterinary radiation therapy
Pet Cancer Support Group
An online support group for people who have or have had pets with cancer
AltVetMed - Cancer Management in Small Animals
Overview of information on complementary and alternative cancer treatments for animals - Written by Dr. Susan G. Wynn
Chemotherapy in Small Animals
An overview of chemotherapy treatment in pets. Includes how it differs from chemotherapy in humans, and likelihood of side effects.
Radiation Therapy for Animals
A description of Radiation Therapy at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about veterinary radiotherapy
AVMA Care For Pets - About Cancer
Cancer information for owners from the American Veterinary Medical Association.
OncoLink Vet: General Information about Veterinary Oncology
This is the veterinary section of a popular and comprehensive information site about cancer
Oncolink Vet - Ask The Experts
An archive of questions asked by owners of pets with cancer and answered by Dr. Lili Duda, the section editor of veterinary oncology for the Oncolink

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