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Web Pages
Tommy's Campaign
Help prevent premature birth, miscarriage and stillbirth. Healthy pregnancy hints, toxoplasmosis, pre-eclampsia, and problem pregnancy are covered by this UK charity.
Fetal Treatment Program
Offers fetal surgery and other treatment for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, gastroschisis, omphalocele, and other fetal defects, at Women and Infants' Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. A joint venture of several regional medical centers. Includes information and links about conditions treated.
Group B Streptococcus Infections
News, Medline and links to articles about this infection in relation to newborn babies and pregnant women.
Common Problems of Pregnancy
Concise factsheet on pregnancy. Also available in Adobe Acrobat format.
Information about various complications of pregnancy.
Impact of Short Hospital Stays on the Health and Survival of Newborns
Infants discharged and sent home from the hospital within 30 hours of birth are more likely to die within 28 days of birth, and nearly twice as apt to die during the first year of life than newborns sent home later.
White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood
Raising international awareness about the nearly 600,000 women who die each year pregnancy-related complications, worldwide.
Bedrest Support During Pregnancy
Resources, medical information, limiations list, online chat and message board.
Uterine Rupture
A daughter tells of her Mother's experience with this disorder, her delivery, and a prescribed drug called Cytotec.
High Risk Pregnancy
Message board for women who are experiencing complications.
Bleeding During Pregnancy
Patient education on the causes of bleeding during pregnancy, offered in both English and Spanish.
Blunt Abdominal Trauma During Pregnancy
The major causes of maternal injury are vehicular accidents, falls, and penetrating objects.
Management of Chronic Hypertension During Pregnancy
Article discussing treatment, possible complications, and monitoring techniques.
StorkNet's Pregnancy Complications Center
Support and information for parents.
MAD (Mothers and Diabetes)
UK based site providing help and support for diabetic patients who are considering having a family.
Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy
Possible causes in each trimester.
Prematurity Problem (Perinatal Research Center)
Addresses preterm delivery and possible causes.
Complications of Pregnancy
A list of possible complications that can occur during pregnancy, and information about each diagnosis.
Hydrops Fetalis
Medical report on two consecutive pregnancies with this diagnoses, as well as intrauterine growth retardation and Dysmorphic Syndrome.
Cervical Incompetence
Discusses this condition, in which the cervix of a pregnant woman begins to dilate before a woman is full-term.
Hydrops Fetalis
Report written by Danna Premer, MD, outlining the disorder.
Obstetric Diseases and Conditions
General Practice Notebook, offering a list of complications and information on each.
Medical Risks of Epidural Anaesthesia during Childbirth
This site explores the risks undertaken when choosing an epidural for pain management.
offering a list of common pregnancy complaints and solutions.
Keep Kids Healthy
Discusses the benefits and risks of flu shots during pregnancy.
Save Babies
Offering information about screening choices, and state requirements. Includes resource library, and links to testing facilities.
Hydatidiform Mole
Explanation of a rare mass or growth that may form inside the uterus at the beginning of a pregnancy.
Itchy Moms
Information about ICP and its risks and complications, includes a definition, symptoms and treatment.

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