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Web Pages
Balance Disorder Center of New Jersey
Information about the center and James Cinberg M.D. who can help regain control of balance, reduce vertigo, tinnitis disorders, dizziness or dizzy spells.
Otoophtalmical Neurophysiology
Patient and scientific information about vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus and other neurosensorial disorders, diagnosis and treatment. In Spanish, English and German.
Otitis Media and Sinusitis Workshop, Live Webcast
Live workshop from Rochester University School of Medicine. Abnormal and Normal Middle Ears, Video, lecture, discussion. Techniques for Typanocentesis, Antibiotic Resistance. CME Credit.
Large web-site on hearing impairment and hearing loss with facts, figures, causes, signs and consequences of hearing impairment. Personal experiences, good advice, children and hearing loss, treatment, hearing aids, debates for hearing impaired and their relatives.
Patients Perspective on Tumors of the Parotid Gland
A parotidectomy patient's experience in having had two parotidectomies to remove benign, pleomorphic adenoma tumors.
Ear Nose and Throat Patient Information
A large selection of brochures for patients to learn about ear, nose, throat and sinuses. A section for health care providers regarding diagnoses and treatment for sinus disease.
Adenoidectomy - Health Factsheets from BUPA
Concise fact sheet explaining an this procedure. Available for down loading in Adobe Acrobat.
Health Care Book: Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
Symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment, divided by specific conditions.
Tonsil Help - A Parent's Guide to Tonsillectomies
Information about tonxillitis and tonsillectomy procedures.

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