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Web Pages
Types I, II, II, treatment and information, cryofiltration apheresis.
Cells of the Blood
Click on any of the cells to identify the cell type and get further information.
Bernard-Soulier Syndrome
Information for physicians and patients to learn more about this syndrome.
FAQs about blood donation, examples of how it is used, basic facts and blood types and compatibility.
Provides medical information, questions and answers about blood, lymph nodes and clotting.
Provides information about blood, facts, transfusion, news, safety, diseases, disorders, autologous blood collection and storage.
A brief introduction of polycythemia, followed by links to overviews, research articles, diagnosis and treatment methods.
Pediatric Oncall- Routine Blood Test
Brief description of the complete blood count.
Blood Types -
Clear patient-oriented information on the basics of different blood types.
Mayo Clinic
A discussion on the color of blood, when it changes, and why.
Looking for People with XLP/Duncan's Syndrome
The author David Rodgerson, offers information about a condition called XLP, X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disease.

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