Web Pages
Anencephaly Support Foundation
Non-profit support organization with information, personal stories, and resources for families, parents, and medical professionals.
Anencephaly Awareness
Information about anencephaly, such as possible causes and future prevention.
Anencephaly Page
Brief overview describing this birth defect, the causes, ethical issues, and support resources.
Anencephaly - Jessicas Journey
A parent's personal experience, relating her daughter's story.
Information sheet compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
Health Link MCW
Provides an article about Anencephaly.
Anencephaly Net
An internet hub providing facts about anencephaly. Includes fact sheets and links for pre-natal support, information, policy, grief support, and memorial sites.
Anencephaly Information
Personal stories, photos, tips for creating memories, advice on taking photographs, and tips for midwives. [Information in English, German, French, and Dutch]
Moral Principles Concerning Infants With Anencephaly
What the Committee on Doctrine National Conference of Catholic Bishops (U.S.) has to say about anencephaly.
Carrying to Term Pages
Designed for those who are determined to carry their unborn child to term despite the child's fatal condition. Actively solicits tips from other mothers and fathers who experienced this.
Mourning Mommies
A support group for women who have lost babies to anencephaly.
Yahoo! Groups: Anencephaly Blessings from Above
A pro-life anencephaly support group for parents, relatives, professionals, or friends.
Yahoo! Groups: Anencephaly
Global Health Network support group open to anyone affected by anencephaly.
Faith Aminah Shabazz
Faith was diagnosed with anencephaly while still in the womb. Her mother, Margo, chose to carry her to term. Faith was born in March of 2001, and lived until October, 2003.
Anencephaly Fact Sheet
Definition, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, investigations, and management of anencephaly from a healthcare workers perspective.

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