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Hesperian Foundation
Latest news, available books, and ongoing projects of the Foundation. A non-profit organization committed to improving the health of people in poor communities around the world by making health information accessible. (Berkeley, CA)
National Association of Community Health Centers
National organization which provides services and technical assistance to health centers in support of their mission to provide health care services to the poor and medically underserved.
Community Voices
Health Care for the Underserved is a five year national health initiative. Working from the community level up, aims to improve the quality and access of health care for the underserved.
Community Tool Box
Guidance in improving community health and development. Offering specific, skill-building information on a variety of community topics.
Center for Community Health, Education and Research
A Boston based health and social services agency serving the Haitian and Haitian-American community.
The Community Guide
Provides health professionals and community leaders with information needed for informed decision making on the most effective public health strategies, policies and programs for their communities.
Using Performance Monitoring to Improve Community Health
Evaluates performance monitoring as a means of evaluating health care delivery in communities.
Community Health Project - Muskegon
Information on children's programs, health, and educational resources for the community of Muskegon, West Michigan.
Community Health: Tools of the Trade
Resources assisting the development of community-focused health delivery systems. Includes guidelines, directories and assessment guides.
Community-Based Health Care Models
A series of research-based articles provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Managing Community Health Services
A resource for those working at the community level to improve health. Tools, discussion boards and related links.
Improving Health in the Community
Discusses the use of performance monitoring to improve community health.
Central District Health Department - Boise, Idaho
A Public Health Resource site. One of Idaho's seven independent public health districts, providing community health services to Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties.
Health-Related Quality of Life, CDC
Information about CDC's use of health-related quality of life measures to track population health and identify health disparities in population subgroups, and in state and local communities.
WebMD: ZAP Asthma Targets Inner-City Children
Discusses the use of community health workers to screen and teach asthma intervention and prevention to inner-city children and their families in Atlanta.
Community and Public Health
The American Medical Student Association promotes awareness and involvement in areas related to keeping communities healthy.
JWCH Institute
Provides a variety of programs for the underserved segments of Los Angeles county, including HIV prevention, health education and primary medical care.
Clinical Trials and Epidemiology Research Unit
To provide the necessary infrastructure to enable multicentre clinical trials and epidemiological studies to be performed meeting international standards for design, conduct and reporting for all clinical groups in Singapore
Lepra India
LEPRA India is dedicated to improve public health status of the community through implementing control programmes for leprosy and other allied diseases, improving awareness level on health issues, promoting research in health science and rehabilitating the needy and disabled.
Club Health - Public Health Information
Club Health shares research, policy and practice on health and nightlife. It carries out original research, develops public health information and promotes best practice through an international conference every two years.
Dublin Healthy Cities
A partnership approach to enhancing the health of Dublin, its environment and its people. The site provides information on the concept, the structures, the activities and the publications.
East Hampton Cancer Task Force
We seek to obtain and share information with individuals and communities affected by cancer.
Health Promotion Online
Online magazine promoting community health through empowerment and participation, from Health Canada.
Colorado Healthy People 2010
Promotes wellness with over 100 community-based health programs aimed at providing Coloradoans with tools to help them prevent illness and death.
Indiana State Dept. of Health
Health Related Issues in Indiana, with Facts, Data and Reports.

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