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Circumcision: Legal Issues
This page describes and indexes legal material relevant to the performance of male circumcision in chronological order of publication. Includes US State Medical Boards section plus information for the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
Noharmm Litigation Program
Contains sections on rights detailing options for legal recourse, constitutional and human rights library, and attorney referrals. Articles and news stories regarding circumcision-related court cases and related legal precedents.
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
A non-profit organization, with international attorney affiliates, secures equal protection and broadens judicial and public recognition of children's inherent legal and human rights.
Circumvent Circumcision
Provides information and resources for filing circumcision related physician complaints with state medical boards.
Federal Genital Integrity Act of 2000
A Proposal for updating existing 1995 U.S. female genital mutilation law to make it gender neutral.
Boys deserve the same protections as girls. Explores the inequity of allowing genital cutting for males but disallowing it for females.
Circumcision: Doctors liable for criminal assault
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child press release Feb 2000
Sue Circumcisers
Links to sources dealing with the legal issues of circumcision.
Intact's Class-Action Circumcision Lawsuit
Information on the Canadian class-action lawsuit.
How to Bring Criminal Charges Against Your Circumcisers
While the information presented is specific for Canada, it is generally applicable to other countries.
Child Circumcision: Legal Issues
Links to articles that discuss the legal aspects of neonatal male circumcision.
Protection of Infant Boys from Wrongful Circumcision in Hospital
Addresses the needs of parents who do not want the surgical procedure performed on their child.

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