Web Pages
Correcting Faulty Posture
Comprehensive posture information from a chiropractic point of view.
The Posture Page
Comprehensive information about several varied approaches to achieving an easy, flexible upright posture. Many useful links.
Illustrated Guide to Muscles and Clinical Massage Therapy
Useful information on posture and muscles by a Massage Therapist.
Correct Posture
Well-written analysis of what constitutes good posture, and how to achieve it.
Zazen Posture
A meditator's guide to achieving good posture.
The Posture Guide
Information about the Alexander Technique and how it can help with posture improvement
Balanced Seating Posture on Forward Sloping Chair
Good seating posture from the perspective of a medical doctor.
A chiropractic analysis of good posture and how to attain it.
Campaign for Better Seating
Information about posture and good chair design from an Alexander Technique point of view.
Neck and back pain program for improved posture and physical fitness.
ABCs of Good Posture by the Father of American Education
John Dewey's explanation of what's wrong with the usual approach to good posture.
Yoga with Saeed
A Yoga system that covers postures, breathing,and focussed awareness in Bristol, UK
Walking Technique and Form
Learn the proper form and posture for power walking.
Posture It
Posture analysis system for medical professionals.
The Posture Ball
A product designed to encourage better posture
On Coming to Terms with the "P" Word
A physical therapist takes a look at posture from the point of view of the Alexander Technique
Janet Wright Stands Tall with the Alexander Technique
Overview of the Alexander Technique and how it helps improve posture.
Body Zone Posture Exercises
Information about several posture education methods.
Chairs, Posture, Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique
An analysis of the effects of chair design by a teacher of this method.
Body Stress Release
A technique designed to release locked body stress and tension.
The Effects of Posture on Learning: Implications from the Alexander Technique
Study of children's posture done at Leeds University in England.
Meditation Posture - A Checklist
Information and tips on achieving good posture for meditators
Reducing Back Pain While Sitting
Tips on minimizing back pain at work from a chiropractor
Vinyasa Yoga Postures
The art of sequencing postures and balancing them with counter postures.
Stretch Now
Training programs for individuals subjected to computer and repetitive task related injury.
Posture Education
Ergonomically designed seats and back supports.
Accent on Posture: Ease, Efficiency and the Alexander Technique
Describes the Alexander teaching process and how it can help with posture improvement.
Human Posture
A scientist's analysis of poor posture and suggestions for improving it.
Adults and Childen
Advice for parents concerned about their children's posture.
What's Wrong with the Chair: Sitting and the New Ergonomics
An analysis of postural problem caused by most chairs and how better chair design and the insights of the Alexander Technique can help.
Posture OnLine
Eastern exercises designed to improve your posture
Yongnian Society on Inner and Outer Posture
Taijiquan for developing good posture and online posture program.
Posture inside - The Inner Dimensions of Posture
Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture.
Back and Neck Care Guide
Detailed analysis of posture and the anatomy of the spine.
The Posture Theory
Book outlining the theory that poor posture is a primary cause of numerous other health problems.
A Simple Lesson in Body Mechanics
Information from a karate instructor, a physical therapist and an Alexander Technique teacher.
Where do you Stand on Posture?
A physical therapist explains how the Alexander Technique can help.

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