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Sun Protection
Learn about how UV's attack your skin and how to mount the most effective defense. Also learn how to choose the right SPF for your skin type.
Sun Safety
Article by Richard Lubin from Hyperski on the effects of sun exposure as it relates to skiing and snowboarding activities.
Discovery Online -- Planet Earth Cams: Sunburn Cam
Maps showing the total amount of UV radiation reaching the surface of the Earth, the Erythermal Exposure Index. Extensive UV exposure can cause skin cancer and blinding cataracts in the eyes of humans and other animals.
Sunburn - University of Missouri-Rolla
Information from the Student Health Services. Especially interesting is the test and scoring of 'Are You at High Risk for Skin Cancer?'.
Safe Sun Tips
Recommendations from the American Academy of Dermatology.
An informational monograph on Sunburns for patient education and counseling.
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Best Method to Block Out Sunburn?
Recommendations for protection from the sun.
MEDLINEplus: Sunburn
Description, home care, considerations and when to call your health care provider. Complete definitions of terms and images of the degrees of sunburn.
Ladies Home Journal - Sunburn
Ideas and treatments to keep skin looking and feeling healthy and protected from harmful sunburns.

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