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Telemedicine at the University of Virginia
Information about the Virginia Department of Corrections Telemedicine Project, the Commonwealth of Virginia Telemedicine Network, and the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Telemedicine. Includes diagrams of our networks and our diagnostic-quality telemedicine stethoscope system.
Telemedicine projects at the University of Kansas Medical Center.
Euromed Networks AB
Creating a global medical network together with the medical profession where the patient receives the most effective and highest quality treatment while the administration maintains the lowest cost and time efficiency.
Telemedicine Research Center
Non-profit public service research organization whose mission is to promote telemedicine research and create, manage and disseminate information. Includes products and services, resources, company information and a site help section.
UTMB Teletraining Institute
Provides the means and environment for administrators, educators, executives, technologists, students and medical practitioners to investigate and learn the elements of telemedicine.
Center for Telemedicine/Telehealth
General description of telemedicine and of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center telemedicine system.
CERMUSA - Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas
Promotes awareness of CERMUSA and the distance learning and telemedicine services it offers through the electronic community of the Internet.
Missouri TeleRehabilitation Training Program
Joint effort to promote access to appropriate behavioral health care in rural communities.
Provider of telehealth and eHealth information for organizations, associations, professionals, vendors and those they serve. Daily newsfeeds, resource database, articles and interviews with project developers. Also includes bibliographies, discussion list and newsletter, worldwide organization and meeting guide, psychological journals, chat room and discussion board.
Northern Sierra Rural Health Network
A non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being of residents in Rural Northern California.
Health Care and the FCC
Providing eligible rural health care providers with financial support for telecommunications services.
Technology Opportunities Program
Highly-competitive, merit-based grant program. Formerly known as the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program
Telemedicine Resources
Listing of resources and services available on the World Wide Web.
Trestle’s MedReach
Develops real-time distributed healthcare delivery across the enterprise. Provides a telemedicine primer and FAQ.
Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network
Provides opportunity for specialty medical services to be offered to residents in all communities on the network.
Alaska Telemedicine Project
A consortium of health care providers, telecommunications carriers, the University of Alaska Anchorage, and the State of Alaska.
Telemedicine at Fletcher Allen Health Care
Represents a model program for the electronic delivery of health care and medical education.
Delivering Behavioral Telehealth via the Internet: eHealth
History, current status and future of eHealth, integration, behavioral eHealth, websites, hospitals and managed care organizations, traditional programs, informal online affiliations for professionals, legal and ethical concerns, legal remedies. Written by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Interactive Videoconference Center Design Guide
Provides tips and recommendations to locations that are installing videoconferencing. Describes room design and equipment that will permit conferencing with other locations, customers and vendors. Intended to promote standardization and based on accepted industry standards and experience with the installation of existing centers.
Interview with Liz Hopkins and Patty Luncent
Concerning the partnership of Lucent Technologies with Johns Hopkins Hospital in telemedicine.
3D ultrasound telemedical workstation to be used in isolated areas. European Commission Telematics Technologies Programme Project #HC4021 (English)
Telemedicine Theory
Theoretical discussion on telemedicine technology, future possibilities, health level 7, fuzzy logic, use of codes, use of smartcards in medical database management and cybersurgery.
Legislative, Legal and Policy Issues in Telemedicine
The telemedicine legal section includes a database of literature citations specific to legal issues and barriers to telemedicine, plus links to important legal telemedicine sites.
Federal Telemedicine Update
Newsletter and information on ordering activities report on federal telemedicine activities.
Telemedicine Technologies Center
Technology to enhance and advance medicine. Registered members may access download center, utilities, consultant advice and turn key solutions. English and French.
Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas
The web page is designed and regularly updated to promote awareness of CERMUSA and the Distance Learning and Telemedicine services it offers through the electronic community of the Internet.
The Litmed Telemedicine Project
A telemedicine co-operation project between Lithuania and Sweden.
TelehealthNet Resource Links Data Base
Categories include: Application Service Providers, Articles, Audio Projects and Networks, Books, Consulting and Evaluation, Correctional Telemedicine, Education, Ethical Issues, Federal Agency and Government Programs (Including Funding), Glossaries, Hardware and Software, Health Education, HIPAA, Home Care, Internet Discussion, Legal Issues, Medical Records, Military Telemedicine, Organizations, Reports and Publications, Research, U.S. Government and Vendors
NLM National Telemedicine Initiative
Information concerning 19 multi-year telemedicine projects.
Global Telehealth
Provides services associated with technology enabled, health related, education, support or clinical service delivery at a distance.
RUS - Distance Learning and Telemedicine
Grant and Loan Program created to encourage, improve, and make affordable the use of telecommunications, computer networks and related technology for rural communities to improve access to educational and/or medical services.
Office for the Advancement of Telehealth
Part of the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. Dedicated to advancing the use of telehealth technologies to improve access to quality health care for the underserved.
Galaxy: Telemedicine
Directory of telemedicine sites.
MedWebPlus: Subject: Telemedicine
Information for Tomorrow
Telehealth-focused research services and publications for the informed healthcare and business professional, specializing in home telehealthcare, the delivery of patient care services that are transmitted to the home.
Arent Fox E-Health and Telemedicine
Information on state, federal and global issues that impact ehealth and telemedicine.
An educational forum for medical professionals disemminating information via satellite.
Mobile Extranet Based Integrated User Services (Moebius)
Integrated mobile healthcare solutions and disease management bring together the following aspects of telemedicine via mobile telephony: Diagnostic tools, therapeutic algorithms, treatment strategies and nursing. EU IST research project. Presented by the University Hosital Basel.
UTMB Center for Telehealth and Distance Education
From the University of Texas Medical Branch, provides leadership, planning, support and coordination for distance education and telehealth programs with a focus on strategic and policy issues.
Home Health Care Services
Extranet provides, communication, collaboration, teaching, and management applications for participants in home health care. Members use telemedical webstations to access personalized catalogs, services, and information. Customizable components include clinical, financial, and operational services.
Telehealth Professional Mail List
Forum for the discussion of telehealth services and technologies.
Directorate of Telemedicine at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Provides clinical telemedicine consultation support.
Telehealth Issues for Nursing
NASA Telemedicine
Highlights NASA's activities in telemedicine and provides an overview of the inflight medical care systems that have been used to support astronauts during space flight over the past 40 years.
Telehealth: Professional Newsletter Subscriptions
Free professional discussion lists offered by Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. Lists include E-health, Telehealth, TelehealthNews, Distance Learning, NetPsy, PsyFORUM, and PSYBUS.
Tele Medical Systems AG
TMS AG, Weesen, Switzerland is a telemedicine service company offering services in the areas of tele-cardiology, tele-pulmology, tele-diabetes.
Remote Connections Ltd
Offers services in telemedicine and videoconferencing. List of products available online.
The Pacific e-Health Innovation Center
Located at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Established by the Department of Defense to carry out congressionally chartered e-Health Innovation Research and Development Prototyping Projects.
International Society for Telemedicine
Goal is to promote the development of telemedicine, telecare, and telehealth around the world. Acts as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among all those interested in the telemedicine field.
AFHCAN Telemedicine Project
The Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network is a federal telehealth initiative. Health care provided by military installations, Alaska Native health facilities, regional hospitals, small village clinics, and state of Alaska public health nursing stations.
Master of Medical Science Program
Graduate program for physician assistants and other allied health professionals offered via distance learning.
Multipurpose Community Telecenter - RAJKOT
Indian telehealth project. Some english pages.
Telemarque Telemedicine Software
solutions with case studies, product details and related information.
Millennium Specialist Systems
Software and systems supplier. News and product lists for systems using tele-referral in dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and A&E modules
HUMAN Project IST-2001-33483
Aims to provide telemedicine web-enabled decision support system between prisons and consultants. Special needs (including disabled and elderly persons) considered.
Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine
A WHO collaborating centre. Undertakes research, development and advisory services in telemedicine, and promotes the use of telemedicine services. News and projects listed. English used.
UK Telemedicine Information Service - University of Portsmouth
An information resource on telemedicine activity in the UK. News, organisations and people (Beta site being developed at
Telemedicine technology and services provider for insurance companies and HMOs.
United Telemedicine
Store and forward software. Currently used in dermatology, and burns specialities.
Online medical diagnosis management and prevention software, web-deployed managing patient data and medical knowledge in support of clinical decision making.
Health e-Technologies Initiative
National office of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supporting research which evaluates the effectiveness of interactive eHealth applications.(Internet, interactive TV and voice response systems, kiosks, personal digital assistants, CD-ROMs, DVDs)
Health Hero Network, Inc.
Health monitoring and management systems using the Health Buddy®, Health Buddy® and other devices.
Apollo Telemedicine - Telepathology and Digital Imaging
Ddeveloped many concepts of modern telepathology and implemented and supports innovative telemedicine projects worldwide for the past 10 years.
National Telemedicine Network
Software platform for tele-consultations between specialists and a referring doctor. English language but based in India. Demo of software available.
Project Outreach
Telepsychiatry network addressing the needs of under serviced regions of Ontario, Canada.
Aerotel Medical Systems (Israel)
Designs and makes trans-telephonic devices for diagnsotic and management aspects of cardiac, diabetic and other chronic diseases.
Telemedicine - TIMTEM Project Telemedicine remote
All information about TimTem, Telemedicine remote programm between Italy and Tylos, greek little island. No update since Oct 2002.
Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine (IDEATel) project.
Grant from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)to bring health care to rural and inner-city residents with diabetes. Establishes a web-based computing and telecommunications networks in both urban and rural economically disadvantaged areas within New York State.
Telemedicine Consultant
Offers hospitals, towns and governments turnkey telemedicine solutions which include diacom, hl7, technology and equipment.
AMD Telemedicine, Inc - Telemedicine Products & Equipment
supplier of medical devices and related peripherals used in telemedicine.
Australian National Telehealth Committee
Details of publications, meetings, background, and related activity in New Zealand.
Multiple links site to a range of related telemedicine material including books, products, services, news and specialties.
Telemedicine at Fletcher Allen Health Care
Health provider utilising telemedicine systems in care and education. Details the history of development, links, services, research, online resources and contact information.
SMS based information and alert system using a narrow band telemedicine service.

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