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Web Pages
Glossary of Food-Related Terms
All food related terms, as well as diseases and disorders. Alphabet bar for easy searching.
Update on Nutraceuticals: dot Pharmacy
Also referred to as functional foods. A definition and look at spreading fats, yoghurts and probiotics, cereal and grains, drinks, legal issues and government views.
Binge Eating Disorder
Diagnosis and treatment of binge eating disorder.
Statement on Sodium Intake and High Blood Pressure
NIH News Release: An article about hypertension prevention and management and the intake of sodium.
Food Safety Information from NC State
Food Safety information and resources for consumers, educators, researchers and absolutely anyone that wants to know more about preventing foodborne illness. Foods are presented in categories for easy searching.
Nutrient Deficiency Diseases
Information about diseases caused by lack of nutrients, including kwashiorkor, scurvy, cretinism, goiter and rickets.
Medical Foods
FDA/CFSAN Office of Special Nutritionals: Explaniation as to what these are, how the FDA over sees them and how to get more information.
Action Guide for Healthy Eating
Quick and easy tips to improve you health on fats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. A guide designed to make it easy to fit low-fat, high-fiber eating into busy schedules.
A Pinch of Controversy Shakes Up Dietary Salt
An article over the use of salt, a scientific look, regulating the intake, the bodies need for salt and reducing the intake.
Information sheet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
Morbid Obesity
Obesity sometimes is viewed as the adverse outcome of inappropriate eating and the failure of self discipline on the part of those afflicted. Read information on Carnie Wilson and weight loss.

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