Prenatal Testing
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Find out how an ultrasound is done, what it can tell you about your baby and when you should have it done.
Reference for the clinical geneticist.
How Stuff Works
Illustrated narrative describing an assortment of testing decisions.
CDC: Prenatal Discussion of HIV Testing
Testing for the HIV virus during pregnancy.
Prenatal Testing
Definitions of the following testing procedures: amnioscentesis, ultrasound, chorionic villi sampling, and fetal development.
fFN Test
Offers information about premature labor and using the fetal fibronection test to assess the risk of premature delivery.
AFP & Triple Screen Testing
Testing information.
Picture Perfect: The Politics of Prenatal Testing
Article by Elizabeth Kristol, addressing the safety and necessity of screening.
Mother and Child
Discusses purpose and procedure of chorionic villus sampling. Includes list of advantages and disadvantages compared to amniocentesis.
Health Library
Overview of Chorionic Villi Sampling. Includes preparation, risks and affects.
NT Laboratories
Offers information on a variety of prenatal tests, including amniocentisis, and the ultra-screen.
University of Pennsylvania
Information regarding chorionic villi sampling.

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