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Web Pages
SARBC - Lost in the Woods - Child Survival
This Child Survival program is presented to students, cubs, guides, parents and interest groups across North America. From the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia.
Hug-A-Tree National Headquarters
A program started in California after the tragic death of a nine year old boy. The program is designed for children on how not to get lost, how to stay comfortable if they do get lost, and how to be spotted and found.
First Aid Station
Specific protocols on a variety of emergency and first aid topics, from the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the American Red Cross.
First Aid Tips
An informative listing of medical injuries and suggested emergency first aid treatments. From Alf Ambulance, serving communities in Minnesota.
First Aid
Reviews treatment for a wide variety of injuries, from dental injuries to earthquakes. Includes recommendations for a disaster supply kit.
General Information on First Aid
Links to first aid sites from Look Smart.
Blunt-Trauma Carotid Artery Injury
Descriptions of traumatic injuries to the Carotid Artery. Includes how to prevent by use of proper protective equipment, recognize, diagnose and treat the problem. From the Physician and Sportsmedicine Journal.
Rescue - First Aid - Casualty Assessment
A quick and easy guide for assessing injured patients and what to do until ambulance personnel arrive.
First Aid
Information on First Aid procedures for soft tissue wounds, broken bones, poisoning, and other injuries. Written by students for Thinkquest.
Emergency and First Aid - HealthWorld Online
Listing of common injuries and first aid treatment recommendations.
First Aid Tips from St. John Ambulance (Canada)
Quick tips to help you recognize and respond to common injuries.
Carolinas Poison Center
The Center, by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), offering pertinent information regarding bites, poisons, snakes and bugs in addition a section on stopping childhood poisoning.
Contains a full featured first aid guide including printables, downloadables and search for information. Provided by Scivolutions.
Emergencies Health Guide
Guide to heart attacks, choking, seizures, and strokes providing there causes, what to do, and prevention.
Standard First Aid Course NAVEDTRA 13119
A booklet about emergency care and treatment of a sick or injured person before professional medical services are obtained. From the Virtual Naval Hospital.
Virtual Naval Hospital's Standard First Aid Course
The US Navy's correspondence first aid course, online.
First Aid Preparedness Exam
A triage of first aid questions intended to educate and re-enforce understanding of life saving information relative to emergency medical assistance and the scout badge requirements.
Kid's First Aid
From Clarke's Fire and Rescue. Basic first aid skills.
Leslie's Firstaid Post
First aid information, health issues, and news.
Guide to Home Remedies and First Aid
Dr Vijay Prakash, a pediatrician, presents a health education site for parents and children promoting old herbal home remedies for common ailments and outlines first aid measures in medical emergencies.
Allexperts First Aid Q&A
Volunteer experts answer your questions about First Aid (burns, breaks, CPR, poisoning) for free.
Injury Prevention - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Information on many safety issues related to children. Animated and fun site for children to help educate them on many safety issues. Information for kids, teens, parents, guardians, and health care professionals. Printable first aid guides, an online Parents’ Home Safety Handbook, and a babysister's guide.
Backcountry First Aid
Links to sites discussing backcountry first aid, from
Walgreens - Health Library - First Aid
A listing of first aid and emergency care topics with signs, symptoms and recommended treatments.
Blanchardstown Red Cross
About the Irish Red Cross including the history and the services provided. It contains an online Basic First Aid course with a 'test your knowledge' area.
First Aid - Easy Steps to Learn First Aid Quickly
Providing the basic concepts for emergencies and accidents. Most steps include images for further help.
Pete and Ed Books - First Aid and Safety
Books on First Aid and Safety for Outdoor Activities.
Broadway & Failsworth Life Saving Club
Provides a First Aid Index to be used as a guide and an informational resource.
Mayo Clinic: First-Aid and Self-Care Guide
Information on handling common situations which require first aid. Includes two short follow-up quizzes to check comprehension and recall.

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