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On-Line Birth Center
Resources for midwives, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, and parents.
Midwife's Dream
Collection of articles and links from Midge Jolly, midwife.
Midwifery Today Articles
Learn about pregnancy, birth, midwifery, herbs, drugs and alternative medicine.
Childbirth at Home: A Labor of Love
Holistic online childbirth resource center from Shelly Girard, midwife in southern California. Exercises, birthing options, provider questions, reading list, and care providers directory, for the expectant woman. Discourse on topical issues, training options, and plan for a midwifery school for practitioners and prospective midwives.
Equipment for homebirth midwives, including birthkits, birthing supplies, videos, books, and miscellaneous baby products, including fetoscopes.
Waterbirth International
Find a midwife with the International Waterbirth Referral Service. A resource for information and waterbirth products. Birth tub rentals, sales, and conference information.
Washington State Midwives
For midwives, consumers, and anyone looking for information about midwifery and women's health. There are handouts and an extensive links to other sites.
Gentle Birth
Collection of midwifery articles and resources and links to online research articles. Detailed aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and a perspective on homebirth. Northern California resources and services for midwives and expectant mothers, and notes for midwives.
Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions
Homebirth information and birth stories provided by a licensed midwife.
Provides resources to midwives, students and consumers. Includes a glossary, database of midwives, conference information and a forum.
Mendocino Midwife
Resources and information about homebirths, water birthing, family products, birth stories and book reviews. Carla Stange is a Certified Nurse Midwife in practice on the Northern California coast for 15 years.
Midwifery Resources
Includes FAQS, bulletin board, chat, vast resource of links, visitor pregnancy albums. Maintained by a registered midwife.
A specialist site from the publishers of the British Journal of Midwifery. Includes a library and archives, the history, editorial and news and the profession.
Midwifery Information
Clarifies what a midwife is, does, and the different types. It provides helpful questions to ask your provider and answers FAQs.
A Guide to Midwives
Use this MSN guide to find out who midwives are and what they can do for you.
Ask Your Midwife
Advice on pregnancy, childbirth, STDs, infertility and gynecology with articles and discussion boards, moderated by Elizabeth Stein, a certified nurse midwife in New York City.
NMAP Gateway
Annotated, searchable database of links.

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