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Ayurvedic Foundations
Conducts workshops and custom training (US and abroad), produces audio cassette tapes, and provides Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling. Links, online catalog.
Jiva Ayurveda
Includes home remedies, products, courses via internet, consultations, chat room, Ayurvedic newsletters, tips and articles.
Provides on line ayurvedic advice and tips to lead a healthy life.
The Ayurvedic Center
Resource site offering information on herbs, nutrition, massage, astrology, polarity therapy and postural integration
The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine
Correspondence courses; events; research report; medicinal plants database; products available with dosages and indications.
Magic of Ayurveda
Provides online consultations, ayurvedic medicines and information on ayurveda.
Ashtavaidyan.E.T.Ravi Mooss
Offers knowledge about Ayurveda in terms of its history, different branches, pharmacology and panchakarma. Also their products and services.
Web India
Information on ayurveda with listing to people and companies practicing ayurveda and natural medicine.
Balance test and information based on ayurveda.
Inter Natural Health
Providing treatments, products, information, Ayurveda and massage training, treatment tour in Kerala.
Everyday Ayurveda
A membership organization for ayurvedic practitioners with a few courses, book reviews and tips for the general public.
Planet Saffron
Site offering information on holistic healing, alternative medicines, nutrition and recipes, health queries, remedies and lifestyles.
Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala
A company in India that provides treatments and manufactures ayurvedic products.
Ayurveda Cures
Offering information and consultations with doctors in India.
A system organized by a group of Ayurveda doctors. Content, educational information, spa locations, products, consultations and franchises.
Siddha Kannan.com
Giving an insight to Siddha Medicine by Dr. Kannan , a physician from India. Also physiology, diagnosis and Siddha chemistry.
Shatayu Health Care Clinic
Provides ayurvedic consulting, treatment, diagnosis and remedy by traditional indian medicine and pulse analysis.
Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center
Provides free online consultations, Ayurveda information, and herbs.
Free newsletter on Ayurveda and its supporting systems like Kalari, Marma, Yoga and Siddha.
Kamlesh Foundation
Offering information on ayurveda, aromatherapy and its basic principles.
An exhaustive and in-depth study of Ayurveda. Includes sections on yoga, health recipes, herbal cosmetics, and other areas.
National Ayurvedic Medical Association
A national organization representing the Ayurvedic profession in the United States of America.
Ayurveda Health Care
Offering information on ayurvedic healing.
Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala
Health care center specializing in Ayurveda herbal medicines and treatments.
History and iconography of the founder of Ayurveda includes links to sites on Ayurvedic medicine.
Lotus Natural Health and Healing Center
Provides online consultations, Ayurveda encyclopedia, herbal products, books, articles and dosha test.
Ayurveda n Health
Information on ayurveda and its influence on various diseases, especially obesity.
Article discussing some of the traditional Ayurvedic Medicine ingredients which are still used today.
Karolinska Institutet
A page of links devoted to the history of Ayurvedic medicine.
Ayurvedic Neurotherapy
Details the complete system of Ayruvedic healing and the elements of vata, pitta, and kapha. Read FAQs and an explanation of a typical session.
Invest In India
Health tips, cures for ailments, products and Siddha medicine.
Life Positive
Information on history, branches, treatments and holistic health benefits of this alternative treatment method.
Get information on ayurvedic treatments, specialities, news and trivia.
Pioneer Thinking
Article regarding stress and Ayurvedic.
New Health Magazine
All about Ayurveda covering its history, in-depth details on its usage, side effects and treatment.
Stress Free Office
London-based practitioner gives background and information about clothed massage services in the office or home for stress reduction and wellbeing.
Raso Vai Ayurveda
Site offering information on ayurveda, ayurvedic massage and yoga.
Ayurveda For You
Information on treatments and practices. Free newsletter. Health service providers directory.
Silicon Valley Guru
Herbal home remedies from the Indian subcontinent.

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