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Naturopathic Medicine Network
Extensive information on Naturopathic training and practice. Professional resources include physician center, round table discussion, and free MedLine search.
Natural Healthcare Nutritional Guidance
Overview to naturopathy and list of common ailments by Dr. David G. Young in Oregon.
HealthWorld Online Naturopathic Medicine Center
Definitive resources in Natural Medicine: articles from leading Naturopathic physicians, the Textbook of Natural Medicine, online archives of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and Quarterly Review of Naturopathic Medicine, numerous articles and online audio files.
Live Right 4 Your Type
Information about human ABO polymorphism, based upon the theory outlined in books by Peter D'Adamo, N.D.
Australian Naturopathic Network
Resources for students and pracitioners of naturopathy in Australia.
A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure
Online book includes chapters on illnesses and treatment strategies from a free public library in Bombay, India.
Naturopathic products and health care, from online and telephone consultations to a natural pharmacy. Maintained by Thomas Stearns Lee, Phoenix, Arizona.
The Health Nut
Includes information, an alternative approach to nutrition, diets, access to good health, herbal medicine, and general nutrition news.
Champlain Center for Natural Medicine.
Drs. Warnock, Schoenbeck and Frishkoff, licensed Naturopathic Physicians, provide comprehensive natural medical care for people of all ages. Serving Shelburne, Vermont.
History of True Naturopathy
Natural Health Organization's views on the history of Naturopathy.
A Position Paper: Naturopathy
A view from the Coalition for Natural Health concerning who should practice naturopathy.
Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine
Links to information on naturopathy and alternative medicine provided by Mark D. Miller.

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