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Book and Video Reviews
Reviews from circumcision information and resource.
Articles and editorials on this subject from the Virtual Journal.
National Organization of Circumcision Resource Centers
List of publications and newsletters.
National Organization of Restoring Men - Book & Review
The Joy of Uncircumcising! - Second Edition - Exploring Circumcision: History, Myths, Psychology, Restoration, Sexual Pleasure, and Human Rights
National Organization of Restoring Men - Book & Review
Say No to Circumcision! - Second Edition - 40 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Son Whole
Awakenings: A Preliminary Poll of Circumcised Men
Revealing the long-term harm and healing the wounds of infant circumcision. -- The first known investigation into the adverse physical, sexual and psychological consequences to men of a surgery they did not choose.
Sex as Nature Intended It
Book shows that circumcision has untold adverse effects on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner.

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