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Web Pages
American Urological Association
Strives to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and in the formulation of health care policy.
NIDDK Health Information: Urologic Diseases
Online information relating to urological disorders.
Urinary Problems in Women
FAQs about voiding pain and difficulties, blood in urine, frequent urinary tract infections, nighttime urinary urgency and incontinence and the influence of fibroids and endometriosis on urinary function.
Laparoscopy and Urology.
Deals with almost every aspect, all under one roof. A section for surgeons and lay persons.
Your Urinary System and How It Works
From NIDDK a look at how it works, the causes of problems, detection of problems, some of the disorders, where to go for help and further resources.
Natural Health Link
Detailed information on Bladder and Urinary Tract Infection, the symptoms, treatment and diet changes that may be helpful.
Provides urological information for urologists, general practitioners, and non-professionals. By Abbott Laboratories.
Medicine Net: Focus on Urological Disorders
Offers medical information, doctor produced, written for patients experiencing disorders such as urinary tract infections, and overactive bladder. Includes procedures, tests, and medications.
OHSU Health -- Urology
Overview, symptom and treatment information about urology health topics from Oregon Health and Sciences University.
The American Urological Association's online patient information resource written and reviewed by urology experts.

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